Do it like billionaires who did it all on their own or try your luck this cristmas

Here is a list of the five most influcial and inspiration billionaires who earned their moolah purely from their own efforts.


Oprah Winfrey

Age: 56

Nationality: American

Net worth: $2.8 billion

Made fortune from: Media group, The Oprah Winfrey Show

Oprah Winfrey was born in poverty in Mississippi at a time when the region was struggling with racial tensions. Oprah attended Tennessee State University on a scholarship and went on to work as the first African American TV correspondent in Nashville. By 1983, Oprah was something of an establish journalist and moved to Chicago to work on the talk show AM Chicago which was rechristened The Oprah Winfrey Show soon after. Oprah built a lucrative media empire consisting of publishing, radio, media production and movie work which esrned her the title of being the first female African American billionaire in history.

Howard Schultz

Age: 57

Nationality: American

Net worth: $1.6 billion

Made his fortune from: Coffee chain Starbucks

Born to “working poor” parents, Howard Schultz grew up in a housing project in Brooklyn. Schultz was able to attend college on a sports scholarship and he went onto work at Xerox and then at Swedish coffee brand Hammarplast as general manager. In 1987, Schultz was able to acquire Starbucks Coffee Co, then a small Seattle chain, for $3.8 million. As of 2010, the company was generating $10.7 billion from its 17,000 stores spread throughout more than 49 countries.


Ralph Lauren

Age: 71

Nationality: American

Net worth: $7.5 billion

Made his fortune from: Clothing

Ralph Lauren is one of the most sought after interntaion designers who has stores in virtually every nation on the face of the planet. Lauren grew up in the Bronx though he dropped out from college to do his time bit for the country. His post-army career consisted of a low profile tie salesman job and that is where Lauren decided that he would join the clothing industry. Having sold around half a million USD worth of ties in 1967 alone, Lauren’s flair for ties got his the patronage of Beau Brummell Cravats though after just a year of designing ties for the St. Louis-based firm, Lauren receieved a lucrative sponsorship from clothier Norman Hilton and the designer was able to launch his maiden Polo (Ralph Lauren) label the next year. Today, virtually every well to do man on earth has at least a single Polo item in his wardrobe.

J.K. Rowling

Age: 47

Nationality: English

Net worth: $1 Billion

Made her fortune from: Harry Potter novels and films

J.K. Rowling is a true rags to riches tory that has warmed the hearts of millions of her fans worldwide. Rowling apparently wrote her first Harry Potter book on napkins when she was a single mother living on a minimal wage waitressing job and welfare. The first book in the series was rejected by 12 publishers and the one that did accept it only gave Rowling an advance of £1,500 for the book. Eight books and as many movies based on her novels later, Rowling is the best known author of her generation as well as one of the rare ones that can claim to have amassed a billion dollar fortune purely from their penmanship!


Roman Abramovich

Age: 40

Nationality: Russian

Net worth: $18.7 billion

Made his fortune from: Oil

Roman Abramovich’s story is something straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. Orphed by age found and raised by an aunt and uncle, Roman did a stint in the Russian military and then dropped out of college to try his luck in shady oil export business. As early as 1995, Abramovich partnered up with compatriot Boris Berezovsky and acquired oil firm Sibneft for roughly USD 100 million which he then sold to Russian oil giant Gazprom for a cool USD13 billion in 2005.

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