Divorced Celebrity Couples we wish were still together

Celebrities meet, fall in love , get engaged and marry in a whirlwind romance. However, very few couples actually make it till ?death do them part?. Here is a list of heartbreaking divorce couples who wish weren?t divorced.


Divorced Celebrity Couples we wish were still together

  • Katy Perry and Russell Brand ? Pop- music celebrity Katy Perry and English comedian Russell Brand got married in a dream ceremony in Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, India on 23rd October, 2010 and went ahead to get a divorce soon afterwards in July 2012. It was a heartbreaking divorce because when they first started going out, it just seemed like they were the perfect couple, both complementing each other with their outspoken attitude and humor . Both of them went through a lot of ups and downs as couple and Brand went on to admit that they were incompatible. However, we wish that this couple would make up and be together.


  • Heidi Klum and Seal ? We thought this couple was forever. They had the perfect storybook romance and seemed to be crazily in love with each other. When this couple announced their split and filed for divorce in April, 2012, it shocked a lot of people. For anyone, they were the perfect loving couple but it seemed that they always put up appearances of being one and were going through a lot of lows before they decided to end it forever. They renewed vows on their wedding anniversaries .The couple was very private and took great pains to not make it public, which, heartbreakingly didn?t work out .


  • Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony ? Jlo and Marc Anthony were together for seven years and filed for a divorce in July , 2011. They share two children, Max and Emme. Both of them had had previous marriages and several relationships earlier and were secretly married four days after Marc ended his earlier marriage . The duo came to an amicable mutual decision to get a divorce and admitted that it was a hard decision to arrive at. They both care for each other and still maintain a loving nature. It was reported that the divorce was not really what Marc Anthony wanted but that JLo really did not want to go ahead with it. Both of them eventually started dating other people . We wish this couple would not have gotten a divorce . They looked good together , both were romantics and Jlo was quoted to say that Marc made her eat lunch and chill instead of rushing things and pushing herself.

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