Do we have the time to listen to election news?


As the Lok Sabha election for the year 2014 is knocking the doors, all political parties are making their way to the news with their election campaign. It is all the same thing over and over again everywhere. With all the news media flashing the same kind of news of late, watching, reading or listening to news has become monotonous.


The dates for the 16th Lok Sabha election, 2014 are out, all the political parties have geared up for the contest. With less than a month left for the election to started all political parties are trying their level best to win the favor of the voters. The media, currently, has set their prime focus on the Lok Sabha election, 2014. So every bit of the election process, campaign, conflicts, strategies and public gatherings are flashed throughout the day on news channels or printed in the next day’s newspaper.

Now, the question arises, do we have the time to listen to election news? Obviously not, it is not worth watching the election news where the political parties orate the same commitments and assurances, and fails every time to corruption and political strategies.


Where corruption is being flashed in news throughout the year, people have lost faith in these politician and their promises. People have no hopes from the government which charges such high tax and brings no affirmative changes for the betterment of the society.

Women are still insecure, education is still an issue, and infrastructure of the nation is not with par with the global level and poverty being the major issue, the political parties promises to eradicate these from ages, since India gained its independence. Still not much change we observe, the nation still lags behind in the global perspective.

Why would we waste our worthful time going through these news, rather I would prefer leisure. The media is making a good market by covering up the whole election process from the beginning to the end and even after that. A brief summary is all that is needed to keep an update of what the nation is going through and to whom the nation’s future lays.


The hype over the election is unnecessary as the other important news is going unnoticed and unattended. The answer to the question lies, even if we have time to watch election news, why would we watch it? Which raises another question, think and reflect.

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