Eat Slowly To Keep That Waistline in Check

Eat Slowly

Do you eat so quickly that you have probably forgotten what you had just eaten some time back? If so, then you too are like so many people who are suffering from the “fast-eating syndrome”.

If you are in hurry and have to simply gobble your food or you probably eat quickly all the time, then you may feel sad to know that you may end up getting a heavy waistline. As per the recent research, it has been found that people who have been eating slowly tend to gain weight slower than those who eat at a quick or fact pace. Not only this, they also stay fuller for a longer period than those who eat quickly.

Eating slowly has come out as being a smarter way to keeping fit. Studies show that when you eat slowly, not only do you tend to eat less, you will also feel fuller. This will help you to shed weight faster too.

Let us know more about how slow eating habits will turn out being beneficial for our health and help us shed weight faster:

Eating fast may lead to weight gain

 weight gain   

Usually as noticed, people who eat faster, tend to be on the heavier side. They tend to be quite opposite to those who eat slowly, in terms of weight and waist line. As per reports, it is more likely that people who eat fast would be 115% obese as compared to those people who are slow eaters. With time, they do have a tendency of weight gain, this usually happens because of their quick eating habit.

A survey took place where 4,000 women and men were asked about their eating pace. Those who mentioned that they ate faster did gain more weight after they had turned 20.

When you eat slowly, you tend to eat less too

 Eat Slowly

Our hormones do play a huge role when it comes to calorie intake and appetite. Usually post eating, it’s your gut which restrains the hormone known as ghrelin. This is what helps in keeping control over your hunger level. It also tends to release cholecystokinin which is known to be an anti-hunger hormone, along with glucagon-like peptide-1 and peptide.

Hormones tend to pass on the message to the brain. It communicates the message that you are full and that the nutrients have been absorbed. This will help in reducing your hunger and appetite. Hence, you end up feeling full faster and want to stop eating too.

This procedure quite fascinatingly takes about 20 minutes. Hence, when you slow down your eating pace, the message gets delivered to the brain within this span of time. Hence, you will receive the signal and want to automatically eat less.

Satiety Hormones could be released when you eat slowly


When one eats fast, it will lead to overeating. This is because your brain does not get sufficient time to receive the message about fullness. Additionally, when you eat slowly, reports show that the amount of food intake tends to be lesser than those who eat faster. This happens partly due to the rise in the level of anti-hunger, which tends to get released when one does not rush while eating.

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