ResQ Foam can help save lives of armed forces living in war zones

ResQ Foam can help save lives of armed forces

One of the most common reasons lot of our soldiers die on the battlefield is because they bleed to death. Even if you take the cases are people dying in road accidents the most common thing find is that these deaths are mostly results of the uncontrollable bleeding.

Critical medical care is the essence of saving a life

If you are within city limits, it is easy to get a person medical attention he needs within a few seconds or minutes after the accident. However, the same thing is not applicable when you are outside city limits or in a battleground. The crucial medical care that is essential to save a person’s life so that they do not lead to death requires immediate attention, which should be done professionally and not in an amateur manner.

Keeping all these factors in mind, to ensure that lives are saved at the right time, scientists and researchers have come up with a new foam. This foam helps to stabilize wounds and by the necessary time for medical personals to reach the person who requires the attention.

Introducing the ResQ Foam

The ResQ Foam is an injectable that triggers the activation of the foam by instantly mixing two chemicals. In order to prevent a person from bleeding to death, this foam rapidly expands the minute it is injected into the body. In order for this to happen, the injection should be given in the abdominal region to control the bleeding.

The potential of the ResQ Foam

Jagdkommando soldiers Austrian special forcesWhether you are in a Battlefield or in a road accident, sustaining an injury is part of the process. To improve the survival chances of a person this foam helps to buy the necessary time that a person would need while he is traveling to the nearest Health Care Centre or hospital. The best thing about this particular phone is that it can be removed easily the minute a surgeon starts treating the wound or injury of the victim.

Let us have a look at how it functions

During a real time event, we generally tie a piece of cloth on the wound to create a barrier and prevent the person from breathing to death. The same concept is used with the help of the ResQ Foam. This foam helps to stop the bleeding and protect the internal organs by forming a protective layer over the wound.

If this foam is injected quickly after a person sustains an injury, it expands 35 times its original size to create that protective layer needed for the prevention of death. This means expansion of the foam is the life saving property that can help to protect a life. It also prevents the possibility of a hemorrhage development resulting from deep injuries that are sustained during the incident.

How is benefits soldiers and victim of road accidents

When you are fighting on the battlefield, you do not have the liberty of getting immediate health care attention, apart from the basic services that a medical officer can provide while on the field. In war zones, an injury can be very drastic and critical to a person’s life.

It takes time to pull out the injured soldiers from the battleground and to take them to safety where they can be transported to the nearest army hospital or medical camp. Considering that time is the essence for saving a life each second lost in controlling the excess bleeding is a chance of losing a life. Similarly, when there is a road accident, especially at the outskirts of a city or on highways, the same concept mentioned above is applicable.

The ResQ foam gives a chance to live

Today, you do have helicopters that can transport victims faster to the nearest hospital. With the ResQ Foam, you can at least by that time transport the victim to get the necessary medical attention without having to worry about them bleeding to death.

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