Economic and political changes expected after 2014 Lok Sabha Polls

The present Lok Sabha elections are promising and people are expecting many positive things from the party, which will form government at the center. As we look back, many things have changed and after 1989 elections, we saw emergence of coalition government and end of single party rules at the center. It is worth noting here that after 1984, Congress never won majority in the Lok Sabha elections and had to form government with support from other parties.


Changes after Election in the 80s

During the end of 1980s, V.P. Singh won the elections on the topic of Bofors scandal and during that time, corruption issues hogged the limelight.

As PM V.P. Singh implemented Mandal commission’s report, which led to major turmoil in the country and became significant factors which led to key transformations within the country in the next two decades that followed.


2014 Polls and Expected Transformations 

In this Lok Sabha election, also we are expecting major changes to take place, which will dictate how our economy and society develops.

First, we look at Congress, which is staring at defeat according to political analysts. Rahul Gandhi has not been able to unite the party and become a leader who will be able to help the party win the elections. If the party fails to garner at least 115 seats then desertions are likely to happen.

Next, we look at AAP that promised a lot with its surprise win in Delhi elections but failed to deliver its promises. The issues that helped the party rise were anti corruption crusade and if in this election it wins more than 20 seats, other national parties will have serious future contender to deal with.

This election is also a big test for BJP and if it is able to get more than 200 seats then country will see many new changes under the leadership of Narendra Modi. Opinion polls are in favor of BJP and within a few weeks, we will know what happens.


Identity Politics

We will have to wait and see whether development agenda put forward by Modi will work in his favor or it will backfire. It is also to be seen whether community and cast related topics are still as important as they were a decade ago to win an election.

Finally, we can say that Lok Sabha election of 2014 will be decisive for the country and how we progress in the next 5-10 years will largely depend on it.

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