Marriage not an electoral factor for Indian politicians

If look at prime ministerial candidates from two of the leading political parties in the country then we will find that both are unmarried. Rahul Gandhi of Congress, aged 43, is still a bachelor, while BJP candidate Narendra Modi left his wife in 1960s to pursue a career in politics. Same thing we find with many of the local parties in different states of the country, such as Jayalalithaa and Naveen Patnaik.



Political System in the US

If we look at the US political system, we find that family relationships are a major factor for people in the country.

According to a survey, conducted in 2007, most Americans give importance to family values and whom they vote largely depends on that.


Family Relationships of Politicians in India

The same cannot be said about India where family relationships of politicians are hardly important to people, both on national as well as regional front. As for instance Mayawati and Mamata Banerjee are powerful leaders of regional parties and been CMs of their respective states.

On the opposite end, we have M. Karunanidhi, five times CM of Tamil Nadu had two wives. Similarly, former CMs of Northeast states Dorjee Khandu and Gegong Apang had several wives, not just two.

Origin of Indian Politics

Some experts believe that how the Indian politics has developed from the beginning might have something to do with the apathy that common people have about marital status of politicians.

From the early stages of politics in India, we see Mahatma Gandhi paying more attention to politics rather than his wife and four children and then we have Nehru who never married after his wife’s death in 1936 and served the country as PM between 1947 and 1964.


People in the country consider family minutiae of politicians as personal matter and even new channels do not attempt to interfere in family matters of politicians. It is same with politicians themselves and they hardly try to raise questions about family lives of other politicians.

Some of the new rising politicians such as Arvind Kejriwal are married but in similar lines with other politicians, want to keep their family and political lives separate.

Thus, as we can see from the above many of Indian politicians have chosen to remain single but this has not affected their work or political careers in any way. However, electorate in the country seems to disregard such facts while casting their votes.

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