Ek Villain Releases Today– Spoiler Reasons To Go Watch It

Ek Villain—It has finally arrived and just out of the first show at PVR, I am impressed. The fact that the buzz around the flick was so strong and the promotional was so intense is well sealed by the track of this Mohit Suri film. However, information and inputs about the cast and the hots is passé. Here are the best reasons why Ek Villain is an amazing watch—yes Bollywood is going great guns!Rarely does a film scare you and move you to tears….intensity and brutality blended by the brilliance of Mohit Suri #ekvillain is Genius!!

— Karan Johar (@karanjohar) June 25, 2014

Rieteish as the villain—Amid all the publicity and the false leads, one spoiler here is that Rieteish is the villain. The film is a rip off in Bolly style, of the Korean movie I Saw the Devil. However, the pathos we feel for the villain is too deep. Suri cannot forego his Indianness in painting a picture that is drenched with melancholy and revenge. Of course, the revenge that the villain takes is just. Who would want to see his world fade away for things he has not done?

The “psychotic-ness” is underplayed—Given that most of us pack in our family for such movies, this thriller has a psychotic-ness that enthralls without being too rough. That is the best reason why Ek Villain is way different and weepy than its inspiring flick. We do see violence, bloodshed but the villain murders here for his emotional helplessness. The Korean flick did not find it necessary to justify revenge.

Shraddha Kapoor seen as terminally ill—Yes, the shocker of a spoiler, Kapoor again dares to warm up to someone who is violent, while being an angel to the world. Sid Malhotra is a hunk but we wished that he emoted better. Yet, his sensitive warming up to love makes our day.
Once I write further, the entire edifice of the plot will crash down. Book yourself a ticket soon and go grab answers to all your questions. We have spoiled your curiosity to a huge extent already.

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