Narendra Modi Is Twiplomatic At Number 4 And Beats White House

Narendra Modi might be having a tough time in bring the proverbial achche din to India. However, his achche din in terms of popularity rnark on Twitter is finally here. In what is slightly shocking, Modi ranks 4th on Twitter in terms of follower count.

Modi Beats the WH? And who does he have above him? Well, its Barack Obama in the lead, followed by Pope Francis and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. And to add to this, Modi has also surpassed the official White house account.

Now tweeple have accepted this status and lauded him while a new coinage has come into circulation—Twiplomacy! Now that means India’s leader is more than diplomatic. However, what most think is that whether popularity on Twitter is proportional to his ideas of punching in development.

An analysis of Modi’s account clarifies that he has been on the micro blogging site since 2009. Till date, he has shot close to 5300 tweets and close to 95 per cent of these see retweeting. And guess what his most retweeted and popular tweet is? Well, here it is: “INDIA has won. Achche Din Aa Gaye Hain.’ However, amid all the Twitter brouhaha, Modi needs to remember that is going to be his deeds and decisions that seal his status as a great leader. However, bring the tweets in. We are set to be loaded.

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