Is it the end of coalition era in Indian politics or just a break?

The Lok Sabha election results came as big surprise, as after 25 years, India has seen a single party majority government. Politicians and voters were shocked by the election result because thinking of Indian politics without the coalition politics was just not possible. However, the election results brought back the single-party dominance, and in a way, put an end to the coalition politics. Although, one cannot say that this end is the permanent end or is just a break, as only the results of the next general elections will make the idea abundantly clear.

Narendra Modi

Politics is full of uncertainties, one day a particular party enjoys absolute power and the other day it falls from grace. For instance, no one had even thought that the mighty Congress would come down to mere 44 seats in parliament after Lok Sabha elections 2014. Therefore, no one can predict the future of politics with absolute certainty. Next five years will decide whether the era of coalition politics will return to Indian politics or not.

In these five years, if the Narendra Modi led government manages to achieve everything that they have promised, and in the year 2019, they regain their political power and status then there is quite a possibility that the coalition era would not return. However, if the things go just in the opposite direction, then the coalition era might come back and that too with more power and influence.


The tussle between Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar is a big example of the end of coalition era in Indian politics. Modi and Kumar were once the members of a single alliance and both were considered remarkable chief ministers who strived hard to bring development to their states. However, the Lok Sabha election results forced both Modi and Kumar to take up contrasting journeys, thus, ending their coalition.

Modi became the PM and Kumar chose to resign from the CM post. Modi is continuing with his strategy of pro-development, whereas Kumar is moving forward with his new style of politics based on social empowerment with a hope to regain his political prominence. Now, the future of the coalition politics in India depends upon the victory of either of these two political styles.

The 2014 Lok Sabha results put a stop on the coalition era in Indian politics, and the performance of the Modi government in next five years will decide whether the coalition era will make a comeback or not.

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