Enjoy the simplicity of this nice and simple layered salad

Full of several nutritional elements, a simple layered salad can keep your healthy, as well as energetic throughout the day. Additionally, you can consume it anytime when you are hungry. It keeps you satiated and you may not want to keep munching irregularly and gain weight due to it. Find out how you can create a tasty and healthy layered salad for your daily diet.

Chopped egg and mixed vegetables salad

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This layered salad can be made within half an hour for servingan average of five people.

Ingredients Required –½ bunch of spring onions, 9oz diced potatoes, ½ grated and chopped apple, chopped horseradish to taste, 1oz anchovies, ½ head of shredded lettuce, 4 slightly cooked beetroot, 2 grated carrots, 6 chopped cornichons, some chopped dill, ½ seedless and chopped cucumber, and salt and ground black pepper

Cooking Technique –Boil a glass of salted water. Now, boil and cook potatoes in it until soft. Then, drain and let them cool down.When they are cool, add them to a bowl and mix with spring onions, anchovies, horseradish, and apple.Keep it aside.Now, separate egg white from yolk and finely chop it.Start creating yourlayered salad in a large glass bowl. Have a lettuce layer at the bottom and a potato salad layer on it.

Now, make a layer of cucumber, carrots, and beetroot. Again, make another thin layer of potato salad. While creating all these layers, make sure to sprinkle some cornichons and dill, as well as to season with pepper and salt. On top of all the salad layers, add chopped egg. In addition, take a little of finely chopped dill and sprinkle on it. Your tempting layered salad is ready to serve.

How to bring variations to your layered salad

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As you cannot eat the same salad each day, you should try bringing variations to this basic recipe by varying the ingredients you use or the dressings you put on top. For instance, you may use some fresh herbs and gorgonzola cheese instead of cornichons and dill. While the lettuce layer is almost standard, you may replace it with spinach if you prefer.

Similarly, you may add some crumbled bacon with chopped egg, and replace a vegetable with something you like more. For instance, a layer of green peas or tomatoes also works well.

You can create a variety of layered salads for eating healthy and staying fit each day. You maystart from the basic salad made using eggs and vegetables, with some herbs and dressings. Later, you can be a little more creative with ingredients.

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