Simple details: Celebs born on a leap year

Not many people like being on a leap year. Especially children as those born on the 29thof February get a chance to celebrate their birthday just once in 4 years. But for celebs born on a leap year have the advantage of feeling they are still young. Here are a few celebrities who are born on 29th of February.

  1. Antonio Sabato Jr

Antonio Sabato Jr

He is a famous model of the brand Calvin Klein. He is also known “General Hospital” He is 44 now and looks charming even today. His birth date was 29th February 1972

  1. Khaled


Image Source : AfricaTopSuccess.Com

He is a famous Arabic singer and songwriter. This Algerian is very famous for his typical songs. He shot to success in the year 1993 due to his hit single “Didi” which was a chartbuster. He is also well-known as the King of Rai.

  1. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

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Born on 29th February 1960 he is a speaker who has inspired many with his motivational speeches. He is known for his inspirational speeches and is known to bring that ray of hope in lives of many people. He became famous because of his infomercials and self help books. He The noble cause for which he strives he surely is a great leaper.

  1. Mervyn Warren

nominated for Grammy Award for a record 10 times

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He founded the cappella group Take 6. He has been nominated for Grammy Award for a record 10 times. He has won the prestigious Grammy 5 times. He surely is a great celeb who is born on 29th February. He is famous as a songwriter, lyricist ,pianist,vocalist,film composer etc.

  1. Jessie Usher


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This leaper is just 23 years of age but is truly a celebrity. He has rubbed shoulders on the big screen with veteran actors like Bill Pullman , Liam Hemsworth,Jeff Goldblum etc.He worked in Independence Day: Resurgence. He has two new movies lined up“Stronghold” and “A Meyers Christmas”.

  1. Joey Greco

Joey Greco

Image Source : Net-Worths.Org

This man needs no introduction if you are regular viewer of “Cheaters” or if you have watched at least few episodes of it. He was in it for 10 seasons and hence a famous name. Though his run with Cheaters is over he still appears in Television and the big screen. He was last seen on “Hot Package” which was a swim show for grown-up.Several celebrities in various fields who have created a benchmark in their chosen fields with their great work are born on the 29th February that is on the leap day.

So if you are a leaper be happy for the fact that you share your birthdays with some great people and on the lighter side you grow old just once in 4 years.

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