Equities and Inequities

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In a world that is so full of inequities, God sure seems to have worked hard to maintain some semblance of equality. In fact, there could be a long list of things that could bear this out.

You may be born of blue blood and may even be born with a silver spoon in your mouth but that doesn’t change the colour of the blood that runs through your veins.
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You may eat cake or bread crumbs or leftover food that is thrown away by others but the final output of these is the same.

Rich or poor, we breathe the same air, live in the same atmosphere and move on the same land.
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The poor cannot get sleep because there is constant fear of the policeman who might ask them to vacate the park or the roadside where they sleep. The rich find it difficult to sleep because of umpteen worries that rock their heads.

Poor women are skimpily dressed because they cannot afford enough clothes. Rich women are skimpily dressed because they think that is a sign of evolution and advancement.
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The poor starve because they do not get enough to eat. The rich starve because they cannot find time to eat or they are restrained by medical prescriptions from eating rich food.

The poor contract diseases because of poor hygienic conditions. The rich fall sick because of overeating and stress.

So, you will notice that in God’s plan there is equality at every level.
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It is in the middle that we find equilibrium sometimes. So, the middle class is the ideal class. In God’s plan, the poor and the rich who form the two edges of this order are in some way equal. That is the regulatory mechanism he uses to bring them around to the middle class which actually enjoys life more than the other two categories of people.

In God’s plan, there is equity even in inequity!

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