Expectation vs. reality when moving abroad


Moving to another country is sometimes idealised because we are just so excited that we are moving abroad in the first place. As you start the moving abroad preparation, you might think it’ll be super easy-breezy because you’ll remain totally in control throughout and definitely won’t face any major paperwork problems with it being all electronic nowadays.

If you go with this approach, we can guarantee one month down the line and you’ll be sweating over a suitcase, trying to squeeze in as much of your “old life” as possible.

So, don’t be unrealistic. Confront your idealistic expectations and read all about the pretty likely moments you’ll be facing when moving abroad!

Expectation: No point applying for that visa just yet, it only takes two weeks


Two weeks? No problem! I’ll apply fifteen days before my flight leaves and probably still have time to spare.

Reality: Lol, no visa

Stung by the thorn of bureaucracy, you have to reschedule your flight because the visa still hasn’t arrived, and you can’t leave the country without it. Next time you’ll apply way before the deadline, you tell yourself. (You won’t.)

Expectation: I’ll pack light, I don’t need to take everything I own!


Sure, of course you’ll think this at first. Of course, you won’t want to part with that top you wore once five years ago, or those shoes with a slight scuff on the toe. With this mentality you’ll have two full (and overweight) suitcases before you know it.

Reality: You end up shipping at least two boxes of stuff (plus checking those suitcases!)

Even if you remain modest and only pack two of everything when it comes to clothes and shoes you’ll just about squeeze that in the two suitcases. What about kitchen utensils, bedding, towels, photo frames, books, stationary, toiletries, fairy lights, art work etc?

After narrowing your selection down slightly, you probably still have tons that you could possibly check. That’s why it’s really worth using an international removal company or a shipping company to get your belongings sent to your new home. If you want to compare international removal options for shipping your important bits and bobs, then do so with Buzzmove. They work with a selection of great international removal companies and you can get a quote from them in minutes so it’s worth weighing up your options.

Expectation: You’ll be fluent in a week


Forget studying a language for years because there’s no better lesson than jumping in the deep end and just moving abroad to master a language…right?!

Despite putting in zero effort before you leave, you’re so sure you’ll justnaturally get the foreign language and even manage to throw in a witty joke here and there.

Reality: You ask for a beer they give you a glass of ice and it remains that way for months

Dramatic hand gestures can only take you so far. Learning a language takes patience and lots and lots of practise. It’s worth the bother because getting to know the locals is what truly makes your adventure abroad. So, put the work in and reap those rewards. Imagine where 10 minutes of practise a night for a week could of got you!

Expectation: Homesick? Not I!

HomesickNo point worrying about something that’s never going to happen, you think. After all, you don’t really like your family, the weather or your local cuisine that much anyway. No, you’ll say a casual goodbye at home, before hopping on the train to the airport and jetting off to your fabulous adopted country without shedding a single tear of sadness.

Reality: You ring your mum as soon as things go out of hand

Your parents did a lot more for you then you ever gave them credit for and you need their advice now more than ever! Turns out the rules and regulations were actually there for a reason and you aren’t as carefree as you thought you were.

At this rate you may even admit to missing your family and your home country and asking yourself if it was all a mistake?!

(Don’t worry, once you’re airborne you’ll literally forget all about that conversation and neither of you will mention it again.)

So, are you ready to move abroad?

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