Most expensive Indian weddings

The pretty and pricey Indian weddings have made historical landmarks that will undoubtedly create curiosity among general masses like us. From glamor to star invitees to expensive amusements and to flaunt of riches, one literally surpassed the other. The amount spent for singing a simple bill in such weddings will surely make us awestruck. Let’s have a look at some of the most posh weddings of the heavy weight brides and grooms.

Sahara wedding in Lucknow; 552 crores

Wedding couple: Sushanto Roy – Richa Roy and Seemanto Roy – Chandni Roy

Wedding year: 2004

Venue: Sahara Sheher in Lucknow

Wedding cost: 552 crore (approx.)

The marriage of Sushanto and Seemanto, sons of Sahara Chief Subrato Roy, showed the entire world, what Indian wedding is all about. The glitz and glam of the township of Sahara India in Lucknow remained undiminished for a couple of days as the potential heirs of Sahara India were about to tie the knot. Roy kept it an out and out traditional affair though. So, there was a grand pre wedding function at Swapna Kuti, the residence of the industrialist. Sahara auditorium was the venue of the luxurious wedding while Hotel Clarks Awadh was reserved for the Sangeet.

The expensive designer costume that Sushanto wore was a Rohit Bal creation while that of the two brides and Seemanto had a label of the young design sensation, Sabyasachi Mukherjee. The venue was luxuriously decorated with seven vows of marriage inscribed on the pillars at the gateway. Mashals, torch lights, wax lights and prism glasses formed the ambient light. 110 types of dishes from across the world were arranged to pamper varying taste buds of 11,000 invitees.

Among the invitees, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kapil Dev, Anil Ambani were some of the star guests and not to forget the entire senior bureaucracy of Uttar Pradesh. He was generous enough to distribute food among one lakh fifty thousand beggars across the country.

Mittal wedding in Frace; 220 crores

Wedding couple: Vanisha Mittal – Amit Bhatia

Wedding year: 2004

Venue: France

Wedding cost: 220 crore

Lakshmi Mittal, the Indian NRI based in France was undoubtedly a proud father to spend a hefty sum of $60 million on the D-day of his daughter Vanisha. This six-days affair definitely made daughter Mittal proud of her billionaire father. Lakshmi Mittal never compromised when it was the time to greet the wedding guests. Twelve private jets were booked to take the guest all the way from India to France.

By 17th, Vaux le Vicomte, the French venue had come alive. But the eventful 22nd was marked by pomp and show and overflow of riches. Amit, the pricey groom of the dear bride came to the venue on a chariot clad in all white royal sherwani, just like we see in fairy tales. The bride walked down the aisle with a red velvet canopy infringed with gold zardozi work held over her head. She looked gorgeous in her Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani red and gold lehanga.

Cellulite queen Aishwarya Bachchan made the celebration a grand success with her feet tapping numbers like Dola re Dola Re and Silsila Ye Chahat Kya.

Chatwal wedding in Mumbai/ Delhi/ Udaipur; 100 crore

Wedding couple: Vikram Chatwal and Priya Sachdev

Wedding year: 2006

Venue: Mumbai/Udaipur/Delhi

Wedding cost: 100 crore (approx)

The marriage of Vikram, a jet setting hotelier and the model and investment banker Priya was far from a luxurious wedding. It will be more opt if we call it a head turner of the year. Sant, the papa Chatwal found that marriage was the only means of reformation of his bohemian son.

This extensive three day occasion was celebrated across three prominent Indian cities, Mumbai, Udaipur and Delhi with as many as ten wedding parties. As many as 1000 guests from all over country attended this historic wedding. Chatwal made it certain to arrange for private jets to pick up the numbers from 26 different countries across the globe.

Among the notable celebrity guests who felicitated this royal occasion were Naomi Campbell, steel magnet Lakshmi Mittal, rapper P Diddy, Prince Nicolas of Greece, son of the late Shah of Iran. Food was ample till the wee hour of night since Sant apprehended that the zealous Sikh baraat never dines before midnight. 50000 kilos of flowers and 3000 candles went into the decoration of the wedding venue. King Khan showed up at 2 a.m and left only at the crack of the dawn. Sant remarks that the arrangement was done to set harmony with the lavish lifestyle Vikram was habituated in.

Assomull wedding in Monte Carlo; 45 crores

Wedding couple: Gaurav Assomull and Kajal Fabiani

Wedding year: 2011

Venue: Monte Carlo

Wedding cost: 45 crore

This big-fat Indian wedding was held in Monaco and the luxurious hotels across the country were selected to carry out the different rituals connected to wedding. So, Buddha Bar, an Indian themed lounge bar at Monte Carlo was the venue for youngster’s party. Similarly, mehendi was held at the plush Hotel Hermitage and sangeet at Salle Empire.

The parade of the groom was no less than the emperor’s carnival. Gourav was on a white horse all set to tie the nuptial bond. Two elephants decorated with expensive handcrafted chadder followed him as good luck charm. The guests were treated with sumptuous four course dinner and a hip hop concert by Akon.

Reddy wedding in Hyderabad; 100 crore

Wedding couple: Siddharth Reddy and Mallika Reddy

Wedding year: 2011

Venue: Hyderabad

Wedding cost: 100 crore

The Reddy nuptial was no less than a Bollywood extravaganza. The primary sign of the bling of this pricey wedding was the mandap. It was the designer creation of Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla and it bore the auspicious red color in velvet and zardozi work canopy. Real jasmines were incorporated as chandeliers and seating arrangements were elaborate and highly decorated.

Bride and groom looked no less than stars in their high-priced designer outfits. Recipes were purely vegetarian for sure but the variety did not leave any discontent among the invitees. The classical dance performance in the wedding might probably be the reflection of cultural patriotism of the Reddys.

Kanodia wedding in Turkey; 100 crores

Wedding couple: Deepak Kanodia and Paayal Bansal

Wedding year: 2011

Venue: Turkey

Wedding cost: 100 crores

The Bansals took part in the curtain raiser of this expensive Indian wedding. The parents of Paayal, the bride were flown all the way to Turkey for the elaborate sangeet of their daughter. The evening became lively with the lilting performances of Bollywood hotties like Celina Jaitley and Eesha Koppikhar. Wedding venue was fixed at Mardan Palace in Antalya. So, 1000 guests were flown to the venue from India, courtesy the Kanodias of course.

The venue looked more like a royal palace where the bride and groom added further colors by means of their traditional monarchic clothing. Thirty cooks and one hundred and thirty assistants were flown to Turkey to greet the guests with authentic Indian culinary. Indian decorators were also taken all the way to Turkey to decorate the venue with 10,000 flowers.

Tanwar wedding in Delhi; 250 crore

Wedding couple: Lalit Singh Tanwar and Yogita Jaunapuria

Wedding year: 2011

Venue: Delhi

Wedding cost: 250 crore

Despite all the oppositions from the party and pleas of Sonia Gandhi, Congress MP Kanwar Singh Tanwar hit the chart of royal Indian weddings by spending lavish Rs. 250 crores on his son’s matrimony with the daughter of Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria, the former MLA from Sohna.

Right from 100s of delicacies to the expensive wedding favors and to the feet tapping numbers by Bollywood celebrities this Tanwar matrimony incorporated everything that is required for a wedding to become historic. The thirty different types of kulfis offered to the guests were undoubtedly something that will make your mouth water.

The pricey groom arrived at the venue in a BMW and proud papa in law, Jaunapuria, gifted him a Rs. 29 crore Bell and a 5 seater chopper for Tanwar’s private use. Unfortunately, he had to be content with a silver prototype of another private jet as the Congress minister had to leave the original species at the Delhi airport.

This Tanwar wedding is sure to burn the heart of Mittal and his daughter’s Rs. 220 crore wedding. An extra Rs. 30 crore broke its record.

Agarwal wedding in Venice; 130 crore

Wedding couple: Muqit Teja and Vineeta Agarwal

Wedding year: 2011

Venue: Italy

Wedding cost: 130 crore

It seems that the moneyed class can buy the world. Promod Agarwal is one among them who proved it correct by gifting his loving daughter the island of San Clemente in Venice. This UK based billionaire chose the 17 acre of San Clements Island and San Clements Palace Hotel and Spa as the venue for this big, fat Indian wedding.

The riches of Promod Agarwal and genius of Sumant Jayakrishnan who gave this resort the makeover of an Indian wedding venue. The wedding had a kick start with a pelvic twisting number from Shakira and an Italian show by director Franco Dragone, while rich wedding invitees felicitated the function. Agarwal was also particular about greeting the guests with delicious Indian and Italian delicacies.

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