Chetan Bhagat in troubled waters- Salman rejects first draft for ’ Kick’

The unthinkable is happening. Chetan Bhagat’s first draft of the script he was writing for Slaman’s movie has been rejected by Salman. The first draft of the proposed movie starring Salman has been rejected. Chetan whose earlier adaptations have been scripted into successful movies faced a challenge as Salman has returned the script saying that it was not commercial enough.

Chetan Bhagat who otherwise is known for his frank behavior and voicing his concerns openly, seems to be taken aback by this decision of Salman. The writer is trying his hand at scriptwriting with Sajid Nadiadwala’s movie ‘Kick’. However, with Salman turing down the first draft of the script, Chetan will need to rework the script to come upto Slaman’s expectations who wants more worth for the story scripted by Chetan Bhagat.

In his earlier statement to the media on getting this assignment from Sajid, Chetan was visibly excited and had mentioned that it was an honor to work as a scriptwriter and he himself was anxious for the upcoming opportunity.

Things were different from the beginning as earlier stories were scripted from already written and popular stories of Chetan Bhagat. However, this time Chetan had to start from scratch and script a story for Salman Khan. Things seem to have gone offbeat and the writer had perhaps gone off track with Salman rejecting the first draft of the script.


Sources pointed out that Chetan after writing the first draft of the script for Kick, which is a telgu remake of a hit movie headed to Salman’s home. He was accompanied by Sajid Nadiadwala. The visit was done with the intention of apprising Salman about the probable developments in the movie and share the script with Salman Khan.

The star is known to give a patient hearing to Chetan and told him to wait as he read through the script. More did Slaman read, more his discontent grew with the story. He finally told Chetan and Sajid that the story is not up to mark and much needs to be done to improve upon the script to make it a commercial success in the Bollywood’s perspective.

The whole episode seems as a crude joke for Chetan whose earlier books have been taken hands down as his stories identified with the common masses. However, this time things did not work out as Chetan would have thought them to be.

A reason perhaps is that scriptwriting is an entirely different ballgame and the writer needs to rework his strategies. Perhaps it is time for Chetan to head back to his writing desk and come up with a script that matches Slaman’s aspirations.


Slaman Khan is known to be very particular with his scripts and cannot take chances with something that is not at par with his standards. Fear phycosis and the need to shine bright among the Khan dynasty in Bollywood seem to be ruling Slaman’s mind and he perhaps cannot take chances.

Time for Chetan to head to writing desk and come up with an impeccable script that can take bollywood by storm.

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