Experiencing Shoulder Pain? – Here’s Your Guide to What Type of Doctor You Should See

Experiencing Shoulder Pain

So, you have immense shoulder pain but do not have any idea what type of doctor you should be seeing. Mainly because there are many types of doctors out there and you have no clue which type of doctor you should visit or is good for you. When people think about doctors, they can only visualize a man or a woman in a bright white coat with a stethoscope around there neck. Who enters the room with a smile on their face as they complete your annual medical checkup. Now, this specific doctor is probably your family physician, which is one of the many areas in which different types of doctor’s work.

In fact, there is a different type of doctor for almost every single working system located in your body may it be your bones, lungs, kidneys, digestive system, etc. Every single doctor is specialized in something different and only deals with patients who are dealing with some specific problems. Although the list of different types of doctors is almost infinite, here, we have created a list of eight different doctors, along with some explanation of their respective expertise to help you make your mind for choosing the right field of study for you.

1.) Audiologist

AudiologistAs the name suggests, the audiologists are specialized in problems regarding the ear, more specifically, they deal with the issues of hearing loss in children. Most of their patients include deaf and mute children who need their treatment to learn to communicate. These types of doctors normally work in hospitals, physicians’ offices, audiology clinics and in some schools as well.

2.) Epidemiologist

An epidemiologist is always researching for different potential diseases that may come up and may cause a lot of problems for the population. Along with that they also make vaccines to terminate current diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. Epidemiological research is also used in identifying risk factors which may represent major control points in the food production system.

3.) Endocrinologist

EndocrinologistThe issues related to the endocrine system and its glands are treated by endocrinologists. Imbalances in hormones are the most common reason for a wide range of severe medical conditions. Endocrinology mainly focuses both on the hormones and the many glands and tissues that make them.

4.) Internal Medicine Specialist

Internal Medicine Specialist deal with or treat diseases in a non-surgical way. They use anesthetics and pain-relieving drugs. They usually help different physicians to come up with appropriate ways for treating each an individual patient separately. They are usually employed in different health care facilities.

5.) Neurologist

NeurologistA neurologist is the type of doctor who deal with medical issues related to the human brain. They are responsible for the diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, and many others which are some of the most harmful diseases. Other than that, the neurologists also work on the nervous system of the human body and also deal with the treatment of diseases related to that region.

6.) Microbiologist

The type of doctors which deal with the growth of infectious bacteria and viruses and how they interact with the human body, and by performing their research they determine which type of bacteria or virus can harm or cause severe medical conditions on interaction with the human body, and in the end they seek to find ways on how to keep everyone safe from all of these bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms.

7.) Dentist

DentistThe types of doctors who work within the oral cavity (mouth) are known as the dentists. A dentist’s work area includes examining teeth and gum health and diagnosing, preventing or treating issues like bleeding gums, or cavities. It is very mandatory for everyone to visit the dentist at least twice a year to keep a check on their teeth.

8.) Physicians

A physician is a professional who practices medicine and prevents, diagnoses, and treats various diseases to improve their patients’ overall health. Physicians can also act as whiplash doctor because they are specialized in treating emergencies which are caused by accidents. A physician is someone you see when you have shoulder pain after car accident Hence why physicians are the most common type of doctors.

Although there is an infinite number of medical fields, you should only select the one which interests you the most and now that you know a few major types of medical fields, you may have some idea about what type of field you want to pursue as a career and what medical field is the best one for you.

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