Exploring the fame of Kim Kardashian

A few people often wonder at the reasons that brought such fame and love to Kim Kardashian. Everybody is aware of her controversial sex tape leaked few years before. The tape boosted career and she got all the fame she wanted. Some critics say that she is not talented at all and reason she is famous all around the world is her beauty.

Nobody really knows why she is so famous. Here are few reasons for her popularity all around the world.

Strong family background

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was always around celebs, as her parents had quite a good relation with people and in Hollywood. Many famous celebs knew them well and famous football star, OJ Simpson was her father’s close friend. Also, his father was OJ’s lawyer. So, her family always had links with people in Hollywood. Apart from that, her stepfather Bryce Jenner is a nominal actor and former Olympian, that made her way easy to Hollywood. The famous Paris Hilton and Kim studied together. This might also be a reason for Kim’s popularity. In short, Kim has been fortunate to have popular people around her from the beginning.

Kim’s beauty

Kim Kardashian  (4)

Of course, she is famous for her stunning curves and her looks and never afraid of showing off what she has. Kim has that charisma in her to rule the industry and stay in spotlight. Her bold nature makes her more beautiful and confident. So her beauty is the main reason she is still staying in public eye.

Kim is controversial

Kim Kardashian  (1)

Controversy and Kim goes hand in hand. It seems that she loves to remain in controversy form the very beginning of her career. Reason she got fame was release of sex tape having her and her ex, rapper Ray J that kick-start her career amazingly. Besides that, Kim grabbed everyone’s attention when she recently posed nude for a magazine. Her pictures went viral on the internet and she received both positive and negative reactions of people. Apart from this, she received a lot of criticism for her shortest marriage ever that lasts around few months.

Marrying Kanye

Kim Kardashian Marrying Kanye

Two controversial stars when comes together creates buzz all around. Wedding of Kanye and Kim created a lot of buzz that added to the popularity of Kim and Kanye both.


Kim is not a singer or an actor, but still she is famous. The reason being her beauty, her perfect timings to create buzz, and fact that she is been lucky for being surrounded by so many famous people from her childhood. Besides this, she chooses to stay with right people.

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