Famous sex scandals that involved female politicians

It seems male politicians are not to be blamed alone for getting involved in sex scandals. History bears enough proof to show us that female politicians are not any less notorious. Women politicians too had their share of scandals and sexual affairs. Irrespective of gender, politicians are expected to maintain an immaculate public image for the sake of maintaining their position and the prestige of their country. But, some politicians fail to ignore the summons of passion. In the following, some of the worst sexual scandals that involve female politicians have been listed.

Edwina Currie

Edwina Currie

Image Source : Itv.Com

Edwina Currie was the member of the Parliament of United Kingdom when she had an affair with the Prime Minister John Major. When the affair was at its peak UK was under the governance of Margaret Thatcher. Later when the fire was cold and Edwina Currie had retired from politics she went on to publish her diaries, revealing the nature of her affair. Among the severe criticisms that Currie received the hardest was delivered by Lady Archer who was not surprised by Currie’s affair but was shocked by the degeneration of John Major’s taste. Washing dirty linen in public has never been a pretty sight.

Katherine Bryson

 Katherine Bryson

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Her scandal was on everybody’s mouth for months. She was caught making love with a lover on a surveillance camera. The more shocking fact is that the surveillance camera was set up by her husband Kay with the intention of security. The former state representative of Utah said in court that Kay had abused power bestowed on him and used county officials for maligning her name. The judge, however, did not budge.

Catherine the Great

 Catherine II of Russia

She was a queen and she knew how to abuse power very well. The empress of Russia, Catherine the Great used to take lovers as kids take fancy a particular toy. She gave them power and high official posts. When the affair became boring, she would cast away the men with huge sums of money. In her defense, she pointed out that she was kind hearted enough to give parting gifts to the men.

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn

Image Source : Bbc.Co.Uk

Much has been said and written about the intriguing Anne Boleyn who was once the Queen of England. She was also the mistress of Henry VIII and several other men. She was charged with incest with her own brother and adultery. As a result, she was beheaded in 1536.


From time immemorial women have gained and lost political power due to indiscretions and affairs. Just like their male counterparts, women politicians too give flimsy reasons for getting involved in sexual affairs.

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