Fashion items we loved from Kangna’s Queen

The new film Queen which stars Kangna Ranaut, is about heart break, personal transformation and finally liberalization. This is a story that many young people can related to and the wardrobe that was specially designed for the film also had to match the fiery spirit of Kangna’s character.


The pieces to make up the wardrobe had to match the way Rani walked, laughed, talked and cried. Each of the selections had to adhere to the mantra of authentic characterization. Each of the parts of Rani’s life had to be broken down into parts- each of which had its own feel, color and texture so that each of the transformations would be smooth ones.

Rani is a girl who wears clothing that don’t reveal her figure-so there were lots of tunics, kurtis, while her wardrobe for Pairs was more revealing. Her jeans also had to be the wrong fit, so that she would look the part as many girls like her often do. Her jeans also were of the bell bottom variety of a caprice length and had rose appliqués on them.


The designer duo behind the film, Manoshi and Rushi, had to use their own memories to create pieces for the film as they had said that all of us have strange clothing and garments that we eventually discard. When Ranaut tried on the kurtis, she said that this was how she had dressed in her early days when she grew up in a small town that she hails from.

The designers had also experimented with layering kurtis with sweaters and ill fitted denim jackets. Her looks for the Amsterdam scenes included the Alice in Wonderland sweatshirt, which had special meaning as it had a subtext to surprise viewers. Then there was the Pakistani designer suit that Rani wears when she meets her parents in the airport and the ivory and ash pink lace dress with a jaw dropping neck line that shows that the transformation is complete.

Rani moves form being a small town girl who is shy to a girl who strides into rock concerts. Kangana Ranaut grew up in a small town in Himachal Pradesh and had used these life experiences to help in the framing of the character. Queen is a film that appeals to all small town girls as it shows the brighter side of broadening one’s mind and appeals to the princess inside each of us.

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