Is the BJP over doing its campaign?

The BJP has always said that the Congress was confused about their election campaign and their leader and that they were also launching attacks against BJP politicians.  The congress too had received attacks themselves from the BJP leaders as well.


Nirmala Sitharaman, a spokesperson for the BJP, had said that although Priyanka Vadra had issued an appeal that personal issues should not be brought up, she herself had raised a number of personal matters. This remark comes in response after Priyanka had brought up the issue that many of the opposition parties in the Gujarat political scene had accused then Chief Minister, Modi of spying on a woman and tracking her whereabouts.

Sitharaman had retaliated by saying that the woman concerned was not bothered about being tracked and when the BJP had brought up the issue of Robert Vadra’s corruption, Priyanka had said that the private lives of the citizens should not be interfered with.

Irrespective of what was really said and exchanged, it seems like the BJP is going crazy over the efforts that they are investing in to the promotion of their campaign. Both parties are pulling out all the stops and dirt also, when mud slinging their opponents.


The BJP has been snooping in the lives of citizens, and it seems dangerous that as a political party, they have the liberty to do so. The reason behind this is to boost votes and their campaign, but what good will snooping into the private lives of the citizens have to do with any of this?

Another step taken by the BJP and probably the first time in Indian political history is the use of a naked model on their posters to promote the name of Modi, strangely enough targeted at voters to get their attention and hopefully, votes. This seems like an odd step for the party as a majority of the voters come from normal families who are looking for a stable leader and not only who peddles cheap stuff just for votes.

A lot of theatrics went into campaign and the party had even asked the stars of reality shows and other B- List celebrities of Bollywood to boost their campaigns in many states. The BJP has also used social media, the first time in their entire history, to promote the Mission 272+ campaign. This comes as a shock to many as the party seems like one that is not very fond of freedom of expression.

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