Fashion Week trends That Created Sparks With Oddity

While we have been enthusiastic watchers of the international ramp trends, the latest 2014 Spring/Summer collections seem to be suckers. Especially watching the stage at Brooklyn, we found five trends that not only seem stupid but drive me crazy too.


Jewelry on the edge

No matter how internationally we dress, water-bottle jewelry is something we find crass. Yes, trust me, going by the look the models flaunted for a leading designer with water bottles doubling as neck pieces, I was nothing less than stunned! We associate such triviality with nanny-watched kids and seeing it transit into a conscious adult world leaves behind jitters.

Arm bands—yes we love the Gothic look with the arm band and all but somehow the Brooklyn fashion show collection for the same failed to strike a chord. More so because, these simply did not go well with the maxis and candy colored costumes that designer carved out with care. Some metal and bronze could work well but not all glam and bling please!


Bagging it Right

Tiffin-carriers as purses—yes, the good ol’ days of family picnics came back to me when a model flaunted a pop ensemble with a Tiffin-carrier-shaped purse. All done up in Chinese style. To top it all, the motifs were intricately painted on to a white background. For us, we detested the idea of carrying something as stiff and structured in the form of a purse. We did sit up and take note but were left unimpressed.


What we took home?

To end on an optimistic note, we did love one particular design from Alexander Wang.  Probably the monochromatic edges and fine pockets reflect the future of global fashion. Moreover, the corp colors added some class that we missed over the last few collections. The fabric-allied treatments reflected many innovations. This was visible on the skirts, jackets and even sweatshirts. Inspired from plastic block to even torn clothe—the collection left a lot to our imagination.

In terms of appeal, the show left a mixed impression. However, some mighty strong colors and cuts—atleast we took home those! As for werability, a bit of clever doing about could leave the world stealing ideas from you.

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