What the North East Needs Is Upliftment And Acceptance, Not Sneers

While the country is tormented with the rash incident of Nido Tania’s killing in the capital, we sit up and get to do some real thinking. While candle light vigils, rallies and media bombardment have been things that each incident in the country has triggered, we now need to get into the roots of the real problem.


Reforming and Cleansing Up

The one big question that stares us in the face post this incident is—has India indeed become divided based on castes, community and tribal conflicts? Or is the incident to be blamed on lousy and irreverent behavior that can be best attributed to anti-socials.

The first thing that comes to our mind is the stature that Delhi is coming to hold with a Chief Minister who himself led a pretest against the lousiness of the city police. This brings out focus to the loopholes in the skills instilled into our police force. Do we actually warrant that the budding police officers are right fully trained to tackle rising social curses—in a way international counterparts are?

Instead of spending lakhs on marches and mementoes, the main need of the hour is to bring about real reforms in the policing system. It is not the men who are laidback—it is the system.


No Right to Cultivate Racism

Coming to the part of us that make us eye North-Easterns as ‘chinkies’—that alone is a psychological issue worth immense ponder! Why and who has given liberty to any class or community to label another with an abuse. Would it not be easy for them to retort to us in a different way too? Well, modern India has instilled this doom for her own self.

It is more important to work towards aiding the north-eastern states in their social and economic upliftment. This will work in favor of the entre nation instead of creating dimensional discrepancies among the varied communities. This is not mere talk—over the ages even the political parties have failed to actually aid in the economic development of the area.

Awareness via debates and protest goes a long way in creating this interest and wiping away wrong beliefs many hold about our hilly neighbors. However, it cannot do more than creating awareness. Implementation is something that makes wonders. Discussions are not the end all but a mere trigger.

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