Get Trendy this Fall with New York Fashion Week’s Top Trending Picks

The much-awaited, glitz and glamour world of fashion is here with New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 hitting the soil in spite of predictions of snowfall lousing up the fashionable footwear flash of its onlookers doing rounds. Yes, winter may be here for a few more weeks more with its chilly breeze and snowy evenings as inferred by connoisseur forecaster Punxsutawney Phil but the winds are already changing its direction at least so far as the fashion cosmos is concerned. The event is in its mid-week extravaganza and what we are getting to see are some pictures taken straight from the Wild Americana fashion magazines.


As predicted by Sheila Aimette of WGSN, the organization that acts as the official sponsor of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, “Fall 2014 will be all about Americana and Wild, Wild West inspiration with fringe scarves, frayed edges, equestrian-inspired boots and blanket coats leading the charge.” Street fashion is expected to go bold on the lines of couture by Austin and Nashville while traditional fabrics such as houndstooth, plaid and gingham are to witness a boom in their demand, only splashed with more vivacious and brighter tones. If you were all in awe about those cropped tops, well girls, get ready for some boxy, short blouses. As for the crops, leave it for your trousers to go up on your waist paired with shorter tops to enhance your curves more.

Digital Director of Harper’s BAZAAR, Joyann King, revealing more about the key theme dominating the current fashion trend, “The seasons are becoming less about weather-related clothing and more about key items a woman needs for her lifestyle.” This has led to an increasing flurry and furor noted over coats and wrappers, a trend which brings to the forefront of the fashion microcosm the masculine fervor with puffed-out sweaters and shoes echoing high class, ostentatious menswear items.


Reiterating what Aimette had predicted the Fall season is extolling its love for the Animal Kingdom with leopard prints and fix jackets along with fur handbags and feathers adorning the ensembles of the top fashion models.

Looking at these top trends if you thought you need to relinquish your girlie charms and subtle sophistication to welcome the ambidextrous combinations, you have something still to keep up your feminine aura glimmering to become the cynosure of all eyes. We are talking about those precious, perky pearls that can accentuate your beauty both as jewelry and as embellishments on your collars and backs to add the touch of glittering magic to your haute couture.

To draw the curtains on our glimpses of the New York Fashion Week, its predominant psychedelic tinges are blood-red, navy, gunmetal and caramel, the likes of what the previous eras flaunted touched upon by berry and teal hues to bring about a fine harmony.

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