Fiat 500, irresistible!!

fiat 500 2007 8397

What should I say, a cute car or small car challenge? Well let’s find out. Just exactly 50 years from the early model, this car is 3.55 meters long & 1.65 meters wide from its retro look image, just like the other manufacturers VW beetle and (BMW) Mini cooper. Since it has been voted ‘the car of the year’ and it has full five star crash from EURO NCAP, that’s nice, but does it have the power? Well it has three engines, 1.2L 8v Fire- 69 bhp, 1.3L 8v Fire- 100 bhp and 1.4L 16v Multijet (turbo diesel) – 75 bhp. It has some interesting standard feature like Blue&Me™ which was developed 3 years by Fiat auto and Microsoft that’s like navigation kit comprising a USB pen drive and that can be used to transfer the map onto a personal MP3 player or iPod, of course you can listen hours and hours of digital music in MP3, WMA and WAV format recorded on an iPod, a cell phone, an MP3 player or a USB pen drive, by connecting the digital device to the USB port.
Then comes the Panoramic Roof or Sky Dome Fixed which has confirmed the availability of types of roof, the large sunroof is the sky dome type comprising a mobile panel of glass and a fixed panel of shiny black sheet metal and continuous the effect on the windscreen. Now fast can it go, it has 5 gears for 1.2L and 1.3L while the 1.4L has 6 gears and the top speed? Well, its 1.4L is 182 km/h while the 1.2L is 160 km/h and 1.3L is 165 km/h, but wait, will it be cheap or expensive car? Ahhh yes, the basic price is 10,500 Euro (6 laks rupees) in Italy; with options 15,000 Euro (8 laks rupees), so it somewhat expensive even though without the options, but you will have to wait till it comes in India.

Source @ WCF

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