Finding his political space – Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is indeed working hard to find political space for himself. This was quite evident as Rahul who is now the Congress Party vice president is exploring ways on government formation in Jharkhand. The state is currently under President rule and Rahul is in Jharkhand to review the situation and find out ways in which Congress can come to power in the state.


Some people in the party are in favour of an alliance with Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and it would be interesting to see on what course Rahul Gandhi pursues when it comes to bowing down to pressure tactics being adopted by the group of leaders who are in favour of an alliance.

The option of going in for an alliance is divided too as elections might be announced and Congress would like to weight all its options before opening its cards. The role of Rahul Gandhi becomes all the more evident as the young Gandhi has been seen as a reluctant leader who often keeps away from controversies. However, given his current stature and rank within the party, it is quite evident that Rahul Gandhi will have to play a pro active role in keeping the rank and file of party together and this is what precisely, the young Gandhi is doing.

It is interesting to note here that Jharkhand Congress legislators met in New Delhi recently on this issue. The opinion was divided and some of them wanted the alliance to go forward as it would help them the party in 2014 Lok Sabha general elections.

Rahul Gandhi is trying to establish his hold over party matters and Jharkhand is no exception. Recently, Rahul Gandhi has appointed Sukhdeo Bhagat as the party unit head in Jharkhand and is trying hard to keep the party together and going in this tribal state. Jharkhand is known for legislators shifting political loyalties and the state has rarely seen governments that last their full term.

If Rahul Gandhi is able to maintain stability within the Congress unit in Jharkhand, it would indeed be an achievement for the leader as this will silence his critics within the party and among the opposition who often blame him for being a soft leader who rarely puts his message across loud and clear.

Jharkhand has been under President’s rule since January and elections will have to be head after July as the six month tenure of President rule will be coming to an end. Jharkhand was being ruled by BJP under the leadership of Arjun Munda. The state government had to put in the papers as it came in a minority after JMM withdrew its support.

Rahul Gandhi had meeting with all the top functionaries in the party during the course of his presence in Jharkhand. He not only presented a roadmap for success of Congress but also gave the party leaders specific targets in view of the coming assembly polls.

The young Gandhi is trying hard to establish his niche in the party and in case he is successful in bringing Congress to power in Jharkhand, it would be a morale booster for the party and Rahul Gandhi too.

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