Military might of India – How strong are we?

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has exuded that India has added military muscles over the past decade. Prime Minister has expressed hope that India is not only able to deal with any security challenge but is also in a position to offer security in our immediate region and beyond too. He was speaking in reference of Indian Ocean Region (IOR).


Manmohan Singh made these observations while laying the foundation of Indian National Defence University (INDU) in Binola village in Haryana.

These observations made by the Prime Minister have given rise to the assumption if India is indeed strong enough to meet the security challenges within the country and our immediate surroundings. While it is true that India’s deterrence capabilities have increased numerously over the last 10 years, the fact of the matter is that our political class has still to rise over political differences, especially when it comes to dealing with security issues.

All the political parties need to speak in a united manner to tackle the menace of internal security and cross border terrorism that India faces. The difference in political posturing over defence related matters is clearly evident in India. The reference of Chinese intrusion in Daulat Beg Oldie sector in Ladakh can be cited as a reference.

The utter confusion that prevails in Indian political class on security issues often works to the advantage of our neighbouring countries and they are definitely taking undue advantage of the same.

However, all is not gloomy as India has prepared itself militarily to deal with any possible eventuality. India has been able to develop Agni series of ballistic missiles along with fighter jets that can strike these nuclear capable missiles at the shortest notice.

India is also much better prepared to deal with any eventuality when it comes to dealing with non conventional threats. Threats in cyber and space domain are being tackled with much seriousness and steps are being taken for creation of national cyber security coordinator cell that will look into all future challenges in this regard.

Security challenges are changing rapidly particularly in Asia and India has to take a lead to deal with any such eventuality in this regard. Multiple security challenges in form of internal conflicts, evolution of terror and armed groups are only some of the challenges that security forces in Asia in general and India in particular have to deal with.

Thankfully, the Indian establishment has realized this fact and the government has been taking measures to deal with this eventuality. The idea of Indian National Defence University (INDU) has evolved from this realization only. The university is set to develop a strategic think tank that will be able to deal with possible security issues that will rise over the next few years.

It is clear beyond doubt that India is strong enough militarily to take care of its needs. The need of the hour is to forge a common political ground, especially when it comes to dealing with important military issues.

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