Five baffling mysteries and phenomenon that will blow your mind

Since time immemorial, humans have encountered many mysterious and strange events that impact the daily lives but defy natural explanations. We present five of such mysterious phenomenon that remained unsolved to this day.

Lost Dutchman’s gold mine

Lost Dutchman’s gold mine

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This is a legendary lost mine in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. The mine derived its name from a German immigrant Jacob Waltz – Germans were often called Dutchmen in those times. Waltz had discovered this gold mine but on his return was attacked by an unknown assailant.

After Waltz’s death, it was heard that Adolph Ruth, a treasure hunter who was searching for the lost Dutchman’s gold mine was reported dead with two bullet shots in the head. Thereafter, there were several other mysterious deaths in the Superstition Mountains that have remained unexplained.

Placebo effect


The placebo effect is related to the body-brain connection. Placebo is an inert substance that people consume believing that it will give them relief from an ailment that they are suffering from. It is somewhat similar to the nocebo effect, where a person takes fake drugs because they believe having encountered problems due to the real drugs.

Why gravity exists

Young woman making antigravity yoga exercises with red hammock on a white background

Although, the scientists understand how gravity works but why it exists still remains a fundamental question – the ‘why’ of its existence. Earth’s gravity holds objects to its surface but is gravity different from the force that keeps the atoms together. Is gravity a particle? These are the questions that still have no answers.

Volcanic activity

Tungurahua volcano

In recent times, there has been an immense increase in the volcanic activities. Even the giant volcanoes that were dormant for so many years are becoming active. It is due to these volcanic eruptions that there has been an increase in the earthquakes around the world.

There are many reported cases of volcanic activity in Mount Kirishima in Japan, Kizimen in Russia, Mount Etna, Kilauea in Hawaiian Islands, Mount Bromo in Indonesia and so on. Because of these increased volcanic eruptions, the tectonic plates are suffering global seismic stress but why these activities have increased remains a mystery.



Some people have a strong intuitive power that helps them to know about certain things without having any actual knowledge about it. They also term it as the sixth sense. But it stands as a mystery that how one can become aware of certain unknown things that actually prove to be right at a later time.

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