Five of the world’s most dangerous serial killers

The instinct that makes a person kill another has always made us curious. People kill for money, lust, greed, sex and several other reasons. But serial killers are different from the general killers. Serial killers cannot live without the stimulation they get from killing. Most of them are mentally sick and suffer from one or more psychological problems. Both genes and the society can be blamed for this. Some are born with twisted brain and some become serial killers due to the way they are treated in early childhood and adolescence. Whatever may be the reason, serial killers pose great threat to our life and society. This article lists five of the most dangerous serial killers that human history has witnessed till date.


David and Catherine Birnie:

This Australian husband-wife duo kidnapped five innocent girls and raped each of them in the most brutal manner before killing four of them. They took the bodies to the nearby forest and buried them. Only one girl named Kate Moir ran away and informed the police about them. Later on both of them were caught and given life imprisonment. David committed suicide in his prison cell but Catherine is still imprisoned.

The Green River Killer:

Gary Ridgeway is referred to as the Green River Killer because he used to throw the dead bodies into the Green River in Washington. In the 1980s he started his killing sprees. He used to kidnap girls (especially prostitutes), who ran away from their homes, and kill them after brutally raping them. He was charged for around 48 murders but later he himself admitted that he had killed over 90 women.

Ripper of Rostov:

Andrei Chikatilo is referred to as the “Ripper of Rostov” or “Butcher of Rostov.” He was impotent and sexually perverted. He killed 53 women by slashing them with knife and other weapons. Inflicting gushing wounds to women was the only way he enjoyed sexual satisfaction and reached sexual climax. He was given a death sentence.

Donald Harvey:

If you think that serial killers have a bad childhood then you are completely wrong. David Harvey had a good childhood and his mother was very proud of him but still he went on to kill over 70 people. He worked as a nurse’ aid and used to infect the patients under his care. He used arsenic and cyanide for killing the patients.

Pedro Alonso Lopez:

This guy killed around 300 women. In Peru he killed some 100 women but was lucky enough to avoid tribal execution and prosecution. After his fiasco at Peru he went to Ecuador and there he used to kill at least 3 to 4 women in a week.

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