Five people who revealed the other side of US to the world

For a better part of the last century, the American government has been telling its citizens how communist governments around the world have been suppressing the democratic rights of people and how American citizens are privileged to live in a “free world”. However, the self proclaimed defenders of democracy and freedom of man too have plenty of skeletons in their closet and the following five whistleblowers have risked their life trying to expose the dirty deeds of the US government in front of the world.


1. Edward Snowden:

In early 2013, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked thousands of classified documents that proved that the American government has been keeping a tap on all communications made by Americans. Using a program called PRISM, the NSA illegally monitored, recorded and hacked into communication data which essentially brought “big brother” fears to life for many.


2. Private Bradley Manning

During his stint in Iraq, Private Bradley Manning leaked thousands of classified military documents to whistleblower foundation WikiLeaks. The leaks included information about corruption within the government, brutality within the military and crimes that the US army committed in war zones.


3. Daniel Ellsberg

In 1971, the Pentagon Papers brought forward by Daniel Ellsberg revealed that four consecutive presidential administrations lied about the involvement of the US government in the Vietnam War. Ellsberg’s revelations included facts like the US knew that it could not win the Vietnam War but it joined it nonetheless.


4. Mark Felt

Going by the name “Deep Throat”, FBI agent Mark Felt worked with Bob Woodward, the Washington Post reporter, to reveal the details of the Watergate scandal. The scandal revolved around the Nixon administration illegally trying to spy on and sabotage opponents staying at the Watergate Hotel in a bid to win the reelection.


5. Peter Buxtun

Between 1932 and 1972, the Tuskegee Institute and the US Public Health Service teamed up to conduct an experiment on around 600 poor African-American men. However, in 1972, the 27-year-old US Public Health Service employee revealed that the US government deliberately didn’t cure these men who went on to spread the infection in their wives and children.

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