How to floor a chick from Jaipur?

Jaipur is one ideal city in India. Not as boring as Chandigarh, nor as polluted as Kolkata nor as risky as Delhi. Describing girls in Jaipur, they are bold and open. They are usually rich and love to flaunt. For the few day I spent in Jaipur, it was a common sight to watch girls roam in the markets in groups. The shopkeepers loot them openly, over pricing everything they have.Girls in Jaipur wont prefer guys who are not all-rounders

In order to floor a chick in Jaipur, you can try the following tactics:

Work on your overall personality

Girls in Jaipur won’t prefer guys who are not all-rounders. You need to be good in studies as well as sports. You need to be mature as well as humorous. And brave and disciplined. Thus working out towards a Jaipur girl will be an awesome personality development exercise. Rather I would suggest one to go through an army training prior to trying their luck in the city.

Respect their independence:

Girls in Jaipur are raised in a comparatively broad minded atmosphere. They are allowed to live in the manner they wish to. There is hardly any differentiation between men and women, as far as the social status is concerned. Thus consider them as independent women and if you want a relationship with them, consider them not as equals but as your princess.

Start a business and grow rich

Grow rich:

Start a business and grow rich if you want to try a girl from Jaipur. Rich means really really rich here. The reason is simple. Every person worth is estimated by his or her bank balance. Jaipur girls have a tendency of living a life of ultimate comfort. They need a large villa, servants all around, big cars and a life of total luxury.If you think you cannot stand on these parameters, just drop the plan and get back home.

Travel and develop a love for travel:

Jaipur girls love adventure and they love travel. So as quite obvious, they love men who love adventure. They love men who travel. That is because they are travel addicts themselves. So you should well be a traveller if you want to make them happy enough.

The above tips are sure to help you in convincing a Jaipur based girl into a relationship.

Summary – Jaipur is one of the developed places in Rajasthan and girls here are quite independent in comparison to other parts of the state. Here is a lowdown on how to floor one.

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