How to floor a girl from Mumbai?

Although frankly speaking I don’t find any reason a person should not try to floor a girl from Mumbai, they aren’t easy. Are they beautiful now and are they marriage material! Not easy to talk to though! However, how do you make the cut?

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Mumbai is a dirty and crowded city. It’s filth during monsoon. Metro is expensive and the local trains are slow. Due to these reasons, girls in Mumbai are quarrelsome since they have to fight for everything due to shortage of resources.

Hence, if you wish to floor a girl from Mumbai, the steps are as follows:

Grow rich

Life in the city is hard and hence, Mumbai based girls are money hungry. So there isn’t anything better than trying your hand at making money to impress a Mumbai based girl. Once you are rich enough, all you need to do is stand on the street with notes in your hand and Bingo.

Learn to be patient

Girls in Mumbai love to fight. All they need is an excuse to start throwing tantrums. And if they don’t get the excuse they force make one. For this reason, they prefer guys who are patient enough. And in case you are planning to marry a Mumbai girl, go for an 8 years long course in managing girls with patience.

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Respect their independence

Now in case of Mumbai girls, independence has nothing to do with feminism. Allowing a Mumbai girl to be independent is mutually beneficial. They don’t like long term relationships unless you value and respect them as an independent individual

Be a bad boy

Mumbai based girls like interesting people. They want something like those movie heros. Like someone from the fantasy world. Mumbai based girls like bad boys and well, who doesn’t! They can’t resist bad boys and keep the nerdy ones away. So even if you are not one of them, turn into a bad boy. At least, as long as you can!

Mumbai girls are well worth your time and are the best you can get. However, they are smart enough and will smell you from a mile away. Hence, don’t fake with them. Be honest and be who you are and if she is meant for you, she’ll come around eventually.

Summary – Mumbai girls are used to life in the fast lane and if you are trying to date one then you need a whole lot of luck. Yet, give it a try.

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