A health toast with turkey bacon and beans

Thanks New Stuff for this protein boosting, low-cal bacon and beans recipe. I can bet on its taste and can give you a couple more tips to enhance its flavor and nutritive value. Assuming that the tomato sauce you are using is sweet adding brown sugar to..

Crawfish wonders

Thanks Stanca for letting us know the Crayfish history. While crayfish is boiled and used in Creole recipes, it is also eaten with a variety of dips and sauces, a garlic-mint dip for instance. It is cooked in a number of ways with herbs or in the typical.

Shrimp and Zucchini: Keeping it to seasonings

Chef Shane is back with another seafood wonder and I am back with another post attempting at its review. The best part of my review was the simplicity of the seafood cooked by the Shane. By simplicity, I would again mean that he has not overdone the…

Adzharian style beans

Thanks Hecate blogger for this unique Adzharian style beans. The ingredients used in this recipe speak of its Middle East origin. While the saffron used in the yoghurt sauce is optional, using it would not only enhance the aroma but also the color and…

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