France’s First baby christened “Giulia”

France cherished the birth of its first child, from its first couple Nicolas Sarkozy- Carla Bruni on the 19th of October. Paris was overwhelmed to know that the high profile couple is blessed with a baby girl, when the long wait was ended with wildfire news from the Chic La Muette maternity clinic. But the president missed her baby???s birth instead of hanging around in the clinic for half an hour. Then he decided his priority to meet German chancellor, Angela Merkel. He flew to Frankfurt to discuss about saving the Eurozone ahead of bothering Sunday deadlines.

He was late by an hour to see his child and also left early to meet his presidential duties next day. Now, the couple finds little time from accepting good wishes and congratulations from all over the globe. With no official announcements of the name for the new born, it is expected, the couple has named her ???Giulia??? as shared by the proud mother to the response of the good wishes on her website.

The Le Figaro sums it up to be ???Giulia??? as it goes with the spelling in Bruni???s native Italy or it might be ???Julia??? as per Mr Sarkozy???s Hungarian connection. An over joyous father, the expected ???Father of Nation??? is believed to gain some boost for his poll campaign. But he has not taken any paternity leave and visited western Mayenne region to meet the waste- processing plant workers.

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