Jennifer Garner is expecting a boy after her two girls

Pregnant Jennifer Garner looks stunning

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, the Hollywood couple is expecting their third baby. Recently, the couple has come to know that the new member coming to their family is a baby boy. Both Jennifer and Ben are very excited about their new baby who is going to join their family soon. The actress and her husband already have two daughters, five-year-old Violet and two-year-old Seraphina. The couple thinks that it would be great fun for the little sisters to have a baby brother now.

The 39-year-old actress Jennifer is looking even more stunning and beautiful. The glow on her face shows how happy and excited she is about her third pregnancy. With Ben by her side to support her always, she is definitely going to have a great time when the new one arrives.

As Ben has always remained a Boston Red Sox fan, he is thrilled about finally having a son who would happily accompany him to his sports events. The family, which had remained dominated by girls, is finally going to have a boy. Ben has already made great plans of taking his son to baseball games and playing catch with him. Jennifer too is happy, but as she has always been in a family of girls (earlier with two sisters and now with her two daughters) is a little apprehensive about whether she would be able to manage a baby boy properly. This worry will not last very long because Ben would surely help her with the managing of a baby boy. According to some sources, the thrilled mother has recently been spotted shopping for her new baby. Jennifer has bought all the items in blue to welcome the new boy in the house.

Jennifer has been heard saying that she wouldn???t mind having a third girl in the house because it would be great to see three sisters growing up together, but she is actually happy for her husband who will finally have a company and a friend to share his baseball talks. Violet and Seraphina are, however, not much concerned about the gender of the new baby who is going to arrive. They are actually interested in naming the baby whether it is a boy or a girl.

Jennifer Garner with her family

Jennifer Garner has already proved that she is a great mother. She is definitely going to take good care of her boy as well. With a helping husband who is also a hands-on father, it will actually not be a problem for the couple to manage their expanding family. The couple is sure to raise all their three children with lots of love and care.

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