G1 Practice Test Helps to Confidently Attend Real Written Exam and Pass


Teenagers in Ontario are keen in getting successful at their first step of obtaining a beginner driving license. For this they need to pass the G1 written test. It is wise to get familiar with the testing process. It will be worthy to be aware of what to experience, during the test.

G1 written test study – where to start? 

Written and on-road driving test goal is to ensure that the candidate behind the wheel drives safely on the road. Learning to drive a vehicle is a process, which begins with knowing the road rules and stringently flowing them. Therefore, study the MTO’s Driver’s Handbook carefully. Traffic laws need to be reviewed, so as to get to know the meaning clearly. In case of doubt about some aspects of the Driver’s manual make sure to ask some experienced driver.

Why taking G1 prep test is significant?

Taking G1 practice test allows you to get an idea of how the real test will be like. In real G1 written test there are two sections –

  1. Ontario road rules
  2. Ontario road signs.

You will find that Ontario’s G1 prep test is available in three sets. All of them are very effective preparation tests, which will help you smoothly navigate you successfully through the G1 real test, at the very first attempt.

G1 prep test set-one 

Questions from the Driver’s manual like traffic flow rules like where and when to make U-turns, traffic signals, standard speed limits, road rules regarding handheld devices, how demerit points affect your license, and more are covered in this set-one practice set. Real test will have questions taken from all across the Handbook. Therefore, it is crucial to cover multiple areas and not concentrate on specific sections.

You will need to write answers to 20 MCQs. For passing you will need to answer minimum 16 of them correctly. Set-one practice test resembles the same format. Make sure to read and understand each given option before answering because some may possibly seem to be same.

G1 preparation test set-two

Your wide knowledge regarding various areas is tested in this set-two practice test. After completing the set-one practice test, you are now prepared to attempt the set-two preparation exam. Questions will be in MCQ format, just like in real G1 test. Four answers will be provided for given question. Ontario road rules involves remembering numerous details like stopping distances, speed limits, right of way, what steps to take in unusual traffic scenario, and more.

Obviously, you cannot predict which questions will be asked in the real thing but taking G1 prep test again and again will help you refresh your memory. You can even get back to those questions that were wrong or you were not aware about. Thus you get a chance to strengthen your weak areas, before you go for the final G1 written test. If you fail, it can turn out to be costly to retake the G1 test again but with practice test there is nothing to lose.

G1 sample set-three 

In the set-three questions will be much different than the first two sets. Questions covered include inclement weather driving, railway crossing rules, merging, passing, and what to do during an accident. Obviously, all questions are taken from Ontario G1 Handbook but exposed to such questions makes it easy to memorize. Successfully taking the set-three G1 preparation test means you can confidently appear the real test.

Effective way to pass G1 written test is to attempt minimum three sets of practice tests!

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