Guy Ritchi will soon bring Britain’s favorite detective on the silver screen

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Guy Ritchie will be directing the upcoming Warner Bros movie on Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. playing the main lead. Other star includes Jude Law, Rachael McAdams and Mark Strong as Blackwood, the main villain.
Robert says that he will be the best Holmes ever and that he is very excited and amazed by the number of people waiting for Holmes to make a comeback in a new persona. While the director is trying to reinvent the character of Holmes and make it more adventurous, Columbia pictures is getting ready with their own version of Holmes (supposedly a comic version).
According to Guy, the script for his movie comes from Wig ram???s comic Sherlock Holmes.
Let???s wait and watch what happens to the British detective on celluloid, who was first introduced by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. The movie will be ready for release by 2010.

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