George Clooney Blogging?

george clooneyftghtrGeorge Clooney claimed that he didn’t blog on Huffington’s Web site, he just allowed her to use his reviews on the Iraq War from interviews with London’s Guardian newspaper and Larry King. The post criticized Democrats for holding back their views and criticism of the Bush government in the pre Iraq War period.

Though Clooney still stands by his opinion but said that Miss Huffington’s blog is misleading the masses. He didn’t ask to remove the post but wants a clarification to be added.

Huffington is calling it a misunderstanding and is telling that George didn’t knew much about blogging so they compiled the content and got it approved from him. But Clooney’s representative claims that it’s a case of misinterpretation and Huffington knew what she was doing; she told everybody that she had George Clooney’s blog and printing it.

Via People

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