George Clooney In The Run For CA Governor—A Venetian Wedding And His Politico Tale

Now now, where is the tall and mighty world of Hollywood heading to? Well, the Governor’s office! In fact, celebrities have taken pride in running for such high end government positions over the eras. However, George Clooney announcing his name in order to run for the Californian governor’s office in 2018 is a surprise. Some such as Ben Jones ‏@aspirationalbob expressed supervise and disbelief in the logic behind such a step by tweeting, “ George Clooney ‘mulling run for California governor’ BAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHA *breathes* BAHAHAA…”

Amal Alamuddin Enjoys An Afternoon In London

The daily Mirror officially tweeted, “George is hugely popular with Democrats and where better to be than Governor of California, home of Hollywood?” now, with his wedding set to occur with Amal this year at Venice, Clooney is one busy man. Yet, we wonder if his buddy ship with Prez Barack Obama has spurred him to take such a decision.

Comparisons to Arnold Schwarzenegger are obvious in that the former Mr. Universe and actor has been successful in his political career. Gosipin tweets ‏@Gosipin, “George Clooney is running for Governor of California… Hey, if Arnie can do it: The 53-year-old actor can as well.” Loads of tweeple are non reactive of this decision of Clooney’s. Paula Froelich ‏@Pfro tweets, “Governor Clooney? George ‘considers’ running for office in California.” However, there are some skeptics who believe that the decision is flimsy and will bring in ruin. I’m ur huckleberry ‏@jeanniemcbride tweets, “Dems urging George Clooney to run for Governor….Why not, California is already ruined.”

The sharpest jibe at this announcement came from Womb-Tang ‏@DGoddamnGlover who tweets, “George Clooney is getting married and pondering a run for California governor, making me think he’s considering pulling a liberal Reagan.” Well, we can only expect the best and wish Clooney the same.

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