Get Cool Sounds For Spring Break With Four New Bluetooth Speakers


Don’t get caught lugging around your dad’s clunky old stereo or outdated jambox. When it comes to portability and durability, the Acoustoshock speaker delivers whistles for a great price.


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Listen up, Spring Breakers. You’ve got everything you need for your upcoming bash: the guest list, the food and drink, the fun and games. You’re only missing one vital ingredient: the soundtrack. You’ll want a quality unit to play all your favorite tunes wirelessly – durable, portable; something small on size but big on sound that won’t break the bank.

When it comes to style, durability and awesome sound, the Acoustoshock Bluetooth outdoor speaker from Turcom USA delivers. This compact audio unit packs bold, rich sound into a small shell that’s compact, transportable and tough as nails – able to withstand steep drops and hard falls. The speaker contains 2 drivers and 2 active sub-woofers to deliver 30 watts of powerful bass with precision highs and warm, natural vocals. Even when playing music at high volume levels.


The latest Bluetooth technology makes it quick and easy to connect smartphones, tablets, laptops or MP3 players to stream your music. Ideal for indoors and outdoors, this water-resistant Acoustoshock is dust-proof, sand-proof, snow and shock-proof, making it perfect for listening to music at the house, dorm, backyard, campsite, pool, lake or beach. This unit plugs in well with families, college students and young professionals. What’s more, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery is good for up to 7 hours of continuous play and doubles as a power source for tablets or cell phones.

A similar speaker includes the Air Raid Portable Speaker from Skullcandy. About double the price of Acoustoshock, this speaker uses two 50mm drivers at 88dB to deliver intense sound.  The battery lasts up to 14 hours of continuous play, and the sound spans 360 degrees. It’s also drop-proof and water resistant.



Another player in the mix is the Brookstone Big Blue Party 2-way outdoor portable speaker. This unit features 4 full-range speaker drivers for 360-degree theater sound that you can take with you just about anywhere. Its rechargeable battery has up to 4 ½ hours of life. A smart system for musical stylings, but all for a hefty price tag though ($200 suggested retail).





Remember that achieving musical greatness is always just a stone’s throw away. Our last unit is especially designed for those who like a rock. That said, the TIC wireless speaker system rock, a portable stone speaker, packs a lot of sonic muscle. Certainly one of the more camouflaged (and unique looking) speakers out there but you don’t have to be in the Flintstone family to appreciate it. Just be ready to cough up $160 or more for this attractive pebble. The Acoustoshock speaker, however, is sleek, powerful and attractively priced under $90 these days.



So, don’t listen to the sound of silence at your next Spring Break bash. Grab a portable, rugged, Bluetooth enabled speaker and go.


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