How to get the most out of Instagram as marketing tool

Instagram as marketing tool

It’s fun; it’s exciting to get acquainted with Instagram. This amazingly simple and ever-growing pic sharing app enjoys the patronage of more than 300 million daily users who are all praises about this app’s sky-high user involvement levels.Instagram recently announced its plan to open a set of business tools that would include new business profiles, and the ability to generate ads from posts straight from the applications and analytics. Equipped with such brand-friendly features, marketers will be keener to get introduced with Instagram for the sake of their business and social media marketing endeavors.

Grow your Instagram followers

 Instagram as marketing tool

Irrespective of your interest in growing your own particular personal account, when you’re employed with a company, you have to find out ways to grow your Instagram account. Below we have compiled a list of 10 finest tactics to help you grow a bigger, relevant audience on Instagram. To begin with, you are required to post consistently. An average Instagram account holder posts once a day, but more successful account holders tend to post frequently.

  • Cross-promote for gaining followers

If you own a blog or you are on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, do broadcast the fact that you are also available on Instagram.

  • Add Emojis and boost discoverability

Emojis are considered the universal language spoken on Instagram. Nearly 50% of all comments and captions on Instagram are supplied with an emoji or two. As emojis are searched on Instagram both as a hashtag and your user name, your friends will find you based on the type of emoji you use.

  • Develop a photo theme to strengthen familiarity

Instagram is similar to a digital magazine, so select content that bonds with a similar theme. Like, crop every picture of yours in the same way or post pictures on the same subject matter, and use the same filter on every photo of yours.

  • Add hashtags

Add hashtags

The correct hashtags expose your pictures to extended targeted viewers. You can include up to 30 hashtags.

  • “Share for Shares” to get more exposure

This tactic can be used daily or possibly numerous times to establish a connection with the same businesses on Instagram and their followers.

  • Run Giveaways

To bring new followers to your user account and provide your current followers with something, consider setting up normal giveaways.

  • Crafting a bio

 Instagram as marketing tool

It is simple yet important to craft an Insta bio to describe you, and make people follow you.

  • Create Quote graphics

It is vital to post only high-quality pictures and select meaningful and relevant quotes for your target viewers.

  • Pay it forward

This is an effective tactic to help you build a network faster by promoting others.

The working of Buffer

You must be aware of the fact that Instagram doesn’t allow external applications to post something directly on the App. With the support of Buffer, you can create a reminder in your mobile app or on the web. When the time for the post will come, Buffer would send a note to your mobile while asking you to upload your pictures to Instagram equipped with your prewritten captions, which you have saved to the clipboard of your phone, ready to be pasted.

Grow your Instagram account with Buffer to strengthen your marketing endeavors alongside Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

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