Gift Giving for Those Who Don’t Have an Eye for Style


Giving great gifts is certainly not to everyone’s strength, particularly if you don’t have much of a sense of style (and there’s nothing at all wring with that, believe us!). If you know that a partner, close friend or family member have a love for jewellery and there’s an important date coming up – whether than means anniversary, birthday or something equally important – you’ll likely want to do the right thing and surprise them with a beautiful piece of jewellery. In this article, we provide a few great style tips to give you a better idea of what piece of jewellery to get for such an occasion.

It’s time to start taking notice

woman wearing massive round shape earringsBefore you go out and get the first pair of earrings in Melbourne that you see, maybe take a step back and work out what the person in question likes to wear. If you have the opportunity, the easiest way to do this by far is to have a look through their personal jewellery collection.

If it isn’t possible to do this easily (please don’t sneak into someone’s house to look at their jewellery collection), then there are other options, but before we get to those, lets consider their collection. Are the pieces generally large, or are they small, elegant and subtle? This factor will often be a large tell of what they’re generally into and will help guide the first consideration steps.

The next step is to work out what kinds of precious metals are stones dominate the collection – do they prefer gold or silver? Diamonds or coloured gemstones? You should also be keeping an eye out to see if there are any designs- they might like flowers in their jewellery, for example. A few keen observations like this should give you a much better idea than you had at the start, and if you’re still clueless you can describe what they enjoy to someone else and they can help guide your decision.

What type of person are they?

wearing jewellery If you can’t geta good look at their jewellery collection, there are other ways to determine what they might like. General observation will generally dictate where they like to wear pieces (they might wear earrings or rings exclusively, for example), but their personality will also likely shed some light on what they are into. If the person enjoys things that are vintage or old timey, you might want to look into tracking down a vintage piece (such as on a platform like Etsy) or you might even just look for a new piece that resembles an older style of jewellery. They might be the opposite of this, however, and be outgoing and attention seeking, and for these kinds of people you might want a showier and more modern piece.

Have a better understand of what to get now?

Although you might have thought you had no idea at the start, hopefully by now you’ve collected enough random pieces of information about their taste in jewellery to better inform your purchase. By making small observations about what they wear and who they are, you’ll eventually have an almost natural instinct for what the person you’re buying the gift for enjoys (and this might even shed more light on their personality!).

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