Global warming vs Nuclear Weapon

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Recently Nepal organized the environmental meeting on ‘The Himalaya’ to aware the world about the global warming. And Maldives conducted a meeting in the sea to aware the people about the global warming.

In Copenhagen a climate Conference 2009 held on 6. – 18. December 2009. The major issue was the carbon emission and global warming. All the countries are fighting for development and to become super power no one is ready to save earth by reducing the pollution and carbon emission.

This time, countries like India and China emphasized to reduce the carbon emission at any cost but their time frames are very long. Recently in 2012 movies shows the impact of the Global warming. In another side we have very big threat of the Nuclear power but it’s under control of the people it’s not create the uncontrolled disaster. But even the impact we compare with respect to the Nuclear power or nuclear war it’s less harmful than global warming.

Because of the nuclear weapon will destroy particular location and its effect will be long term but the effect of the global warming will be faced by all the creatures of the earth, and when the destruction will struck everything will finish in very short time. Let’s raise the world against the Global warming… Save the earth, save the life!

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