Go out and celebrate beer on this International Beer Day!

The International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of August every year to celebrate all things beer. Beer Day has three objectives – first is of course, to savor the taste of beer with friends. Secondly, this day is to appreciate those who brew and serve beer and thirdly, to unite the world by acknowledging and enjoying the variety of splendid beers brewed around the world. Beer day is celebrated by millions of people to show their love for this drink which spreads such cheer and joy. It’s a day celebrated with much enthusiasm all over the world, in 50 countries and over 200 cities.

The historical perspective

Happy friends having fun in pub watching sport in TV together drinking beer cheering for team.

After tea and coffee, beer is the most consumed beverage in the world. Beer dates back to 4000 BC, which makes it the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. Different cultures brew beer by the process of fermentation, from different cereals like hops, malted barley, maize, rice, beer and yeast and water. Ancient Egyptians called it Hqt or Heket, and considered it nutritious for both children and adults, and it was consumed daily. It was thick and sweet and packed with minerals and vitamins and proteins.

How do they celebrate it

International Beer Day is one of a kind day. Instead of political leaders giving long, dreary speeches, it’s a festive day which is celebrated by everyone in neighborhood pubs and backyards and swanky clubs. People mark Beer Day by posting their snaps and selfies with their favorite drink. Beer companies celebrate by tweeting messages to their followers. This holiday calls for people to gift beers to one another.

Many people attend beer brewing sessions at breweries and go for brewery tours. Some people mark the day by brewing beer with friends and family. In the evening, bars and pubs find people making merry by trying out various types of beer. People are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and drink beers of different flavors from different cultures. And of course, thanking the bartenders and brewers is a must on this day.

Special programs held around the world or in a region

Cheers to success! Top view of three happy young men in casual wear toasting with beer while sitting in bar together

Many breweries plan fun activities on this day, which gives people a better insight about the process of making beer. Tapping rare or new beers is one such event. Pubs and bars extend their “happy hours” making beer lovers happier. Games like beer pong are favorites on this day. Beer flights, beer gear giveaways are some other ways in which people celebrate. Craft beer is the latest craze on the beer scene and people celebrate it on International Beer Day by drinking this delicious drink.

Beer and food matching events are popular too. Heritage beers which have a special place in the hearts of beer lovers are remembered, and people drink these with much gusto. New beers too are appreciated and guzzled, which is considered as an adventure, as beer lovers are notorious for sticking to their favorite brand and brew. Brewing beer at home is a fun experience for most people and many backyards see enthusiastic wannabe brewers trying their hand at brewing their very own beer, in the company of family and good friends, probably while gulping down a few beers.

How people prepare for it

People have their own ways to celebrate International Beer Day. Some people travel thousands of miles visiting breweries and tasting different craft beers. Then they rate these beers for the information of other craft beer lovers.

Following proper beer etiquette is important. For example, while celebrating Beer Day in Germany, it’s appropriate to clink glasses while in Hungary you must never do that. In Brazil, order one bottle and share, in Japan pour for everyone but never for yourself. In Ireland, you must buy a round for your friends. When celebrating in the U.S.A, make a toast to the guest of honor.

International Beer Day is a day to relish beer and appreciate those who brew it, and raise a toast to those who serve it. This is the day when everyone drinks beer for beer’s sake!

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