Strange things that took a trip to space

People on earth have intense curiosity for the outer space and there is nothing wrong with it. If at all something is weird and strange, that is sending strange objects to space. There have been a number of such instances, and here are the weirdest of them all:

A Bonsai Tree


Image Source : Azumamakoto.Com

Space is as it is very majestic but looking at it from an artist’s perspective, it misses a decorative touch. To give it the same, a Tokyo based artist Azuma Makoto launched a 50-year-old white pine bonsai with orchids, lilies and irises into the space. He named this artistic endeavor of his “EXOBIOTANICA”, which popularized him as an official interior decorator of outer space.

 A sex doll


Image Source : Wi-Images.Condecdn.Net

This is one of the insane stunts carried out by adult entertainment site, wherein a sex doll was sent into the space. Her name was Missy, and it was tied to a hydrogen-filled balloon. Its journey started from Lake Tahoe, on the border of California and Nevada going at a speed of 426 meters per minute into the space.

Teddy Bears

Mat and KMS

Image Source : I.DailyMail.Co.Uk

Back in 2008, the first ever teddy space flight was launched from the Churchill College, in Cambridge. Mat and KMS were their names and they were dressed in custom-made space suits. Both the teddy bears endured minus 3IF temperature and parachuted back to earth nicely. The captured images show teddy bears looking down on earth from approximately 100,000ft above.

Sea Urchin sperm

Sea Urchin sperm was sent to the space

Image Source :

No matter how funny this appears but as long as something helps with researches and studies, it is considered good. To study the effects of microgravity on sperms, Sea Urchin sperm was sent to the space. It was found that sperm moves quickly in space and chemical responses in receiving egg are slow.



Image Source : News.Bbc.Co.Uk

Pizza Hut after garnering sufficient clientele on earth desired to start delivering pizzas in space. For this, they paid Russian space agency around $1 million and they delivered pizza to cosmonaut Yuri Usachov. It had a crispy crust, loaded with cheese, pizza sauce and salami. There was no paparoni, as it grows moldy after some time. Space travel leads to deadening of taste buds, so extra salt and spices were added to it, and it was delivered in a vacuum seal.

Human remains

Human remains

Celestis is a company that offers post cremation memorial spaceflights. They believe taking someone’s ashes up in the space is like honoring the departed soul’s dream of touching the cosmos.

Usually, authorized and valid things are sent into space for some sort of research and study purpose. However, there have been instances when some strange and weird things have been sent into space for no valid reason altogether.

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