Hansika Motwani, a new star in the making?

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Hansika Motwani, the cute looking child artiste, has finally grown up into a beautiful young girl. Hansika, made her successful debut into Bollywood with Himesh Reshammiya’s Aap Ka Suroor – The Real Love Story. In the movie, she has played the role of Himesh Reshammiya’s lover, Ria.

With the successful release of the movie, Hansika is now being considered as one of the most promising fresh faces in the movie industry.

Hansika’s last film as a child artiste was Dheeraj Kumar’s Aabra Ka Daabra which was released in December 2004. It is amazing that in such a short span, Hansika has made her debut as a leading lady in Hindi films.

In fact, if you look at the posters of Aap Ka Suroor, you will notice that she looks very mature for her age. She apparently is currently completing her A levels from the Podar International School!

There are rumors that Hansika has pumped herself up with steroids and growth supplements, so that she does not look under-aged in the movie opposite Himesh Reshammiya. But Manzoor Khan, the make-up artiste in the movie has negated the rumors. He said, I am responsible for the mature look that Hansika has in the film. It was the magic of my brush and the make up technique that helped Hansika look older than her age

Whether or not there is any truth in the rumor, hopefully, we will get to see more of Hansika Motwani in the future!



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