Here’s What Happens On The Net Every Minutes? And You Would Not Be Gone in 60 Seconds!

So you think you are smart and can speak French in one minute? Well, the internet is your biggest competitor then as it can do a whole lot more. 60 seconds could barely be enough for a nuclear washout—yet the amount of stuff that goes on around the web in a minute could boggle your minds.

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You are not the only person who gets tonnes of emails daily

228,654,978 emails get sent every 60 seconds.

Oh so you thought—you live in Facebook?

Well, other Facebook users engage in liking stuff to the tune of 1.8 millions like every 60 seconds.


Did you look up Google for everything on earth?

2,555,932 others queries too are searched on Google every minute.

Welcome the newbies on board—1100 mobile web users join the league every 60 seconds.

You tap tap and tap with lightening speed—but 55052 application downloads occur every 60 seconds.

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Just bought a domain name and you feel on top of the world? Read this—687 new sites come up each minutes on the internet.

Ha ha, Sunny Leone does not rule your mind only. 232,919 people round the world are catching up p*rn on the net every 60 secs.

So you blog very day? Well, WordPress sees 387 blogs posted each minute, sweetheart!


Flipkart and Amazon are your second homes? Well, each minute, the internet sells ware worth $ 409,419 from myriad shopping sites.

So what if you recharge for 10 GB usage every month? 60 seconds see 775,177,039 GB IP data transferred globally. I don’t even know how much that means!

Hey, are you the tweet-savvy expert among friends and are chirping away every hour? 370,584 tweets happen in 60 seconds!

So what if you are subscribed to the best YouTube channels? The world too is. 2,780,653 views occur every 60 seconds on YouTube!

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Selfies rule your world, but Instagram sees 37,146 pics uploaded each minute. Add 404,182 likes happening here in the same time span!

Photo-sharing gets the world going—Flickr sees 3,929 image uploads every minute.

Boom—that’s the internet dissected down to 60-seconds—and the day has 24 hours… keep multiplying!

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