How Advancement of Technology has Degraded Human Values


The philosophy, religion and culture of a person generally shape up his morals and values towards life. We form ethics based on our morals and these ethics have been disrupted directly or indirectly today by the progression of technology and its importance in our lives. Today we feel that the leap humankind has made with technology is flawless, but if we look deeper, we will understand this advancement in technology is useless without a moral progress.

Skill VS Goodness


Today being good humans have taken a back seat and being successful ones have replaced most of us. It has become more important to be a skillful person rather than a good one. Everyone is under immense pressure at workspaces, for their jobs maybe easily replaced by a new technological innovation. We have become more selfish and self-centered to protect our interests today. In an earlier world, where the technology was not as developed, people were less competent and more understanding. Gone are the days where success was rated by humane qualities because of the onset of advanced technology.

Disconnection in connection.


The irony today is that, the world has never been so inter-connected because of technology, yet so detached because we have no time to see what is happening around us and have immersed ourselves in the virtual world through gadgets. Today there is a constant need to keep up a fake image of ourselves in the virtual world. We must put in good use of this advanced technology to connect with one another and make the real world a better place for everyone.

Lack of Compassion.


Moral values are losing significance in today’s fast-paced world. Technological advancement has eased our lifestyles and has contributed to our restlessness manifold. We are used to getting things done easier, traveling faster, getting our meals quicker – that we have forgotten patience. A disturbance in this well-balanced mechanized life of ours today, makes us lose our cool very easily. Today we are so well connected that we may befriend somebody from a different continent, we fail to understand his or her problems. This is because technology has broken down the bridges of compassion.

Easy Moneymaking Platform.

high speed internet

Materialistic achievements describe today’s success. Everyone is out there trying to make a quick buck. Since the world has become a smaller place because of connectivity and cyber laws are at its initial stages, people are taking advantage of it to promote Ponzi schemes via internet. High-end graphics enables to create visuals of desired merchandize to lure customers into purchasing it. There are all sorts of forgery happening today online, thanks to the advance in technology and lack of moral in people.

Tampering with Information.


The world today thrives on content and information delivered at the highest speeds possible. The lack of compassion clubbed with misinformation of sensitive contents has lead many to join unnecessary revolutions and uprisings that have caused more harm to our society than any good. Con men are out there looking for customer’s digital information to loot them. A hacker easily access personal information that is stored online by the customers.

Even though technology today has its disadvantages, we can use it to our benefit only by using it responsibly. It is a wonderful thing to know about a person and his way of living in the opposite side of the world, but this information must be used to enrich your values and experiences as a human being rather than harming him! Technology should be available to all so that there is a positive progress in humanity.

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