How politicians influence vote banks during or before elections


It is a known fact that as soon as the election time approaches, politicians start putting in all their efforts to influence vote-banks. Vote bank refers to a section of society, targeted by politicians to get major votes. Each political party has a different vote bank, which they advertise in such a way that every individual from that category starts voting for them.


Many people believe that the strategy of getting votes through a vote bank is an unhealthy way of politics, but we all know it is a cliché. Nowadays, vote banks have become a marketing stratagem for political leaders and many of them follow this approach to attain maximum votes. In this article, we will discuss about how politicians influence vote banks during or before elections. Read on to get more information on different vote banks.

Roadside Vendors

Roadside Vendors

Roadside vendors, forming a major part of Indian population might prove to be the best vote bank. In India, you will find several street traders in every corner of the city, selling daily need items like vegetables, fruits, etc. Rahul Gandhi is the person who targeted this section of society. Rahul, along with his party Congress, is trying to influence street vendors to get votes.


Auto and Rickshaw drivers

While Congress is targeting street vendors, an imminent party AAP is giving tough competition by targeting auto and rickshaw drivers. Similar to street sellers, auto and rickshaw drivers form a major part of India’s populace. Arvind Kejriwal, the leader of AAP assured the drivers that he would strike off existing fines once he ascends power. The statement made a positive impact on people’s mind and they started following him, hence creating another vote bank.

Tea Chai seller on the street, Varanasi Benares India

Tea Vendors

One of the most prominent personalities in Indian political system, Narinder Modi is targeting the tea vendors of Gujarat to create a vote bank. In a special campaign “chai pe charcha”, Modi deliberately projected himself as a tea vendor. Among all the politicians, he was the first person to make vote bank based on a certain specific section of society. Since the campaign was a success, various other politicians like Lalu Prasad Yadav also started targeting tea sellers.


Internet Users

In just a period of ten years, the number of internet users has grown largely. Availability of various social networking websites has made it easier for political parties to advertise themselves over the internet. Today, most parties use web advertising to gain popularity and with millions of users, internet proved out to be just another vote bank for politicians.


Television Marketing

Since decades, politicians are using television as a medium to advertise their party. The advertising campaigns over television influence the audience significantly. The ads designed by political consultants manipulate the decisions made by voters to vote for a party.



Rahul Gandhi is creating another vote bank for 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the women. Every other day he is on a special campaign, talking about women empowerment. He created a vote bank by targeting women of India.

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