My How-To: Access your Computer Without a Password

If you’ve forgotten your password or just misplaced the paper, then you can simply follow these instructions to regain access to your computer so you may use it again without reformatting.

1) Start Your Computer
2) When you get to the boot screen, click F8 multiple times.
3) It will bring up the command menu, find Safe Mode.
4) Set boot up to Safe Mode then exit while saving.

Once at the Account Login Screen, click the little icon next to the login. For Home users, if it isn’t shown press ctrl + alt + del twice.

Now that you are in your computer, we want to change the password so you don’t have to keep booting in safe mode.

1) Click Start
2) Click Control Panel
3) Click Performance and Maintenance
4) Click Administrative Tools.
5) Click Computer Management.
6) Click Local Users and Groups
7) Click Folder Users
8) Right click on the account name that is locked out, then click Set Password.
9) Click Proceed
10) Change Password or leave it blank for no password.
11) Click ok
12) Reboot your system in normal mode and attempt to login using your new login password or no password.

There you go, you’ve regained access to your computer. If you have any questions, please comment. Thanks

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